09 February, 2018

Wednesday Morning Grab Bag (Short Form)

It's been a while since I've done a Sunday Morning Grab Bag. Why wait till Sunday to pull it off, I ask? Why indeed. It's Friday. It's time.
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Dianna's conducting a beginning art class on sketching. Here the class is hard at their lessons. The students all seem enthusiastic about learning the new skill.

Dianna is a good instructor as well. It's fun to listen to the class as their lessons progress.

My Electra
My new ride, An Electra Coaster 3. Hotsy-totsy kinda bike, I guess. Electra bikes are made in San Diego and are designed for beach cruising, implying flat terrain, just perfect for Corozal.

It's not new, but it's way cool. A three-speed with coaster brake. I added the front basket and collapsible pannier baskets on the back, which came off my old bike, a 21-speed Schwinn. A nice bike, but about 18 more gears and other high-techery than I needed.

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