09 November, 2017

The Proof Is In the Pool

If there was ever any doubt as to how effective 'Huey,' our Hayward Pool Vac Ultra was at doing his job in the pool, maybe these two photos will set your mind at ease.

Because the pool was too cold for several days, or weeks, I never ventured into the pool. There were some other problems like the main pool pump has been sucking air through a minuscule crack in its case (that I can't find), and other things like the solar heater pump not working, etc., etc.

Anyway, suffice it to say, that the pool didn't get the attention lately that it needed. As a consequence, we had an algae bloom that grew quickly. I dosed the pool with algicide. That was fine, but I needed to be able to vacuum the detritus from the algae to make the bottom and sides of the pool appear pristine once again.

Since the pump was sucking air, when it shut off, it tended to blow Huey off his hose, which meant I would have to go into the water to retrieve him and reconnect him to the hose.

The dead algae left an even coating over the whole bottom of the pool and the sides as well. I decided I needed to let Huey do his thing, and since he was working and showing how well he worked, I thought it behooved me to take a photo or two to show just how well he was working.

Huey Hard At Work
Yes, I still have to go around and brush down the pool sides, and hand vacuum the spa and steps, but that's like an hour job for the whole thing.
Different View, Still Working
After all that, I have to backwash the filter to get rid of the dead algae that becomes trapped in the filter. But, as soon as all that's done, it'll be all pristine again.

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