16 October, 2017

Winjama Weather is Back!

For those of you who used to rely on Winjama Weather for accurate South End Corozal weather, it's back!

All it took was totally replacing the old weather station with a new, spiffy station. What was the delay, you might ask?

Well, some relatively major (for us) construction, and rehabbing projects, a major accident with lifestyle changes, procrastination (which I'm really good at), and some other stuff that I've forgotten about, that's all.

We solved it by purchasing, at long last, a new weather station, made by AcuRite. This is a nice machine, but I have to say, their corporate support as far as registering the station with them, in a word, sucks. They will only allow you to register if you live in the US, Canada, UK, and a couple of other countries. If you're in Belize or other countries not on their list, take a hike.

The same, thankfully, does not apply to WeatherUnderground ( It works like magic, and we even got to keep our old station ID, etc. Look on the right-hand column of the blog and you'll see Winjama Weather. You might have to click on the image to get it to refresh.

Winjama Weather is Back!
Fresh and up-to-date weather information at your fingertips, for the Corozal South End, and the best part of it is, that now Winjama Weather is online 24/7. No more shutting it down when I turn my desktop PC off at night.

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