11 October, 2017

Finally, I Can Reply to Comments

After several months of struggling with the issue of not being able to reply to reader's comments (I would write a reply, then when posted, it would simply disappear). I went to the Blogger Help Forum (, where I should have gone in the first place. Chuck Croll, a Forum Moderator, gave me several pointers to follow up on.

Most of my problems came from cookies settings. I must have made some changes to those settings a few months ago, such as not accepting third-party cookies, and others, that really inhibited my ability to reply to, and post comments. Another issue was the cookies settings on my PC. I didn't realize that those settings would affect the blog, which is maintained on Google servers. Learn something new every day.

Anyway, thanks again, Chuck. Things seem to be working normally now. I really do appreciate your help.

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