24 May, 2017

Just So You Know

You might think you have a humid day now and then, or you might not. Around 5:00 AM, it begins to get light enough on the veranda to see or temperature device (we got this from Mae and Craig when they moved back to the States.).

I thought at that time that we were having one of those 'humid' days. The temperature read 82℉, with the humidity at 83%. I grabbed my camera and took a photo of the screen. But I was wrong. I checked again at about 6:11 AM when I took the photo below. The temperature had stayed the same, but the humidity had jumped a point.

While we were having our morning cup of coffee on the veranda, Dianna and I had just talked about the lack of a breeze and that everything felt like glue. Well, not just 'glue,' but more properly 'Ga-loo!' As in, break out the machetes and cut the air, just to be able to breathe, much less to walk across the room.
The Normal State of Affairs
This is heading into the time of the year (hurricane season) when we have these sort of figures as our norm each day. In fact, the temperature today is supposed to go up to 96℉. The humidity, later in the morning, will usually drop significantly, all the way down to the mid-seventies or so, making the temperature much more tolerable.

This is one of the big reasons that we have this:
Alternate Air-Conditioning

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