23 April, 2017

Weekend Project Update.

This is an update on a couple of projects that all seemed to hang fire at about the same time.

The driveway - All the curbing that needed to come out is now out.

Curbing Out For Escape Path
Thanks to Carlos and his son George. The electrical box that had been uncovered is now covered and protected by a slab of concrete.

Turn Off by the Gate
We're now ready to bring in two 15-yard loads of chippings, smallish pieces of rock that will be the fill for the driveway, both the new part and a new layer on the existing part.

Found Good Signpost
 We even have a sign that will be going up showing which way to go to use the driveway.

I raided my leftover pile and found a good length of fence tubing that will work great as a signpost. I even managed to find a cap for the post after it's installed in concrete. that'll keep rainwater from going in the post and rusting it out from the inside.

Custom Sign
Here's the sign that will be mounted to the post. I had it made down at CGI Graphics on Seventh Avenue. They're the same outfit that made our 'Beware of Crocodile' sign a few years ago.

The Solar Heater Pump - The service kit has been ordered, shipped, and received by You Have Mail in Medley, Florida. Now, I'm just waiting for the kit to be shipped down here. I'm hoping to get it this next week.

It should be a piece of cake to reassemble the pump. Doug and Twyla will help me with it to make sure that the motor isn't being overdriven by the solar panel. The Controller box should solve that problem.

The LG Refrigerator - I had reached the end of my troubleshooting skills and still hadn't solved the problem with the fridge. It wouldn't hold a charge. I figured there was a leak, but///

Anyway, I posted on FaceBook looking for some advice on what to do with a dead behemoth of a fridge. One of the answers came the next day from Nairobi Rancheron (501-604-6145, and on FaceBook), who works on refrigerators and A/C units He thought it was worth trying to repair it.

So, he arranged for a truck and some strong-backed young guys to move the fridge to his workshop. I think that was Saturday a week ago. He thought he'd be able to have it ready by the next Saturday.

Well, what do you know? He called up Friday morning and said it was all repaired. Nairobi got the same crew to move it back. I'll hand it to him, it works great. Turns out there was a leak in the condenser, which he resoldered. After a complete recharging process, and replacing the filter and a few other minor things. It's as good as new. It's cold, and it makes great ice. My hat's off to Mr. Nairobi. He has my highest recommendation.

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