04 April, 2017

Brought the Whole Family and A Couple of Friends For a Visit

Our local iguanas are sometimes hard to find. Not today. Today, the whole family came for a vist... Oh, and a snack. As long as I was going to be doling out some 'nanners' anyway. They also brought a couple of neighbors, a couple of Basilisk Lizards or Taluk, like the little guy below. They like bananas too, but they know their place and make sure to stay out of the iguana's way. They move fast too.
A Basilisk or Jesus Lizard Also Known Locally as a Taluk Lizard
Here's a  shot I took of several of the iguanas visiting today. We had either six or seven at one point. I chopped up about fourteen or fifteen apple bananas, from one of our trees, so everybody is busy chowing down on them. That helps make it easy to take photos of them.
Most of the Iguana Clan
According to several experts on FaceBook, only the males are called 'wish willies. However, according to several websites I scanned for this posting, the term 'wish willy' applies equally to males and females. Also, to nail it down once and for all, Karen, my cleaning lady, says that "Definitely, they're all 'wish willies." So there you have it.
A Hungry Not Quite Mature Male Enjoying Some Banana.

A Nice Shot of The Iguanas

A Couple of Young Ones Not Sure What's Going On
This guy's favorite roost is about twenty-five feet up our across-the-canal neighbor's pine tree, out to an extreme on a curved branch, He hangs on somewhat nonchalantly during some strong winds. They're very agile tree climbers, although sometimes coming down, they opt for a modified swan dive into the canal.
One of the Big Guys - 5 or 6 Feet long

Lots of 'Nanners' To Eat
I'm pretty sure the bright green one is a female, part of this big boy's harem.
Cute Couple
I'd write more but, Hey! Our pool is finally up to 84℉ today. You have to set your priorities. Time to put the swimming suits on.

NOTE: I've run into problems again posting replies to comments. So, during the interim, till I get this problem solved, here's my reply to Wilma's post:

Wilma, I'll take your comment as gospel, however vague it still is. So the males that are brownish gray-black may be wish willies, and the others might not be. But, so far no one's one hundred percent sure, one way or the other.

What definitely caught my eye was the 'pene doble,' bit. For some reason, putting that in Espanol seemed more, um, what's the word? Sexier? It bears further investigation. I've never heard of such a thing before.

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Wilma said...

Dave - I think wish willies and green iguanas are different lizards entirely. It gets confusing because male green iguanas are not very green. The females are greener, but only the young are bright green. I heard that the name wish willie refers to the double penis on the males wish willies. Wish willies are never very green and the adults are more blackish and charcoal in color. They are smaller than green iguanas but larger than basilisks.