06 January, 2017

Thursday - It's A Warm One

Foggy, then warm... And there's still some repairs to be done. The peskiest is a couple of slow leaks in the wall of the pump house behind the waterfall

Endher and Rene Sleuthing the Leaks
Early on in the lead detection game. We knew we had a leak. Just what was causing it, and where was it?

Make Another Hole
About the only way to chase a leak down is to poke a hole in the wall and hope that you've guessed right.

Here Endher is punching another hole. They are being very neat and tidy with the work too, always a plus.

Checking For Drips

A series of small holes has become two rather large holes. All due to the detection process. Then spend some quality time looking for the drips.

Big Hole For A Little Leak
Now that they've opened up, pretty much straight across, Endher is looking intently for the leak.

Major Cavity
Here you can see the size of the holes. They're going to coat the pool-side wall and check in the morning. If they've captured the leak, then they will fill in the rest of the holes. A little paint and then done.

Best of Buddies
Couple of shots I caught this morning as the doggies were getting their morning meal. Bela (the doggie) is trying to eat her breakfast, but Noel is bound and determined that Bela needs assistance with the meal.

Hey! I'm Helping My Bud To Eat.
Another lucky shot. Noel is just trying to ensure that Bela gets all the nutrition she's supposed to receive.

Endher Explaining What's Next
The leaks have been isolated to two spots. So, what happens next is Endher will be coating the excavated wall with concrete, let it set till morning, check everything and backfill, casting the hole with concrete, then painting it.

The two spots are only leaking when the waterfall runs and for some time afterward due to seepage through the block. Once the seepage is stopped, problem solved.

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Now, on to my issue, the damned toilet. I've just siliconed the bolts that hold the tank to the bowl. Should be good to go, right? Guess again. When I added water to the tank, it leaked worse than ever.

Denis came over and looked at it with a flashlight. Now, we're thinking the problem is the big nut and part in the middle. So, tomorrow, take it apart, silicone the sh*t out of the middle bit, put it all back together, and hope we're good to go. I'll let you know.

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