15 January, 2017

Last Friday For the Pool Project?

And, wouldn't you just know it, it's Friday the 13th. Must be my lucky day.

Any way, I thought I'd show you a detailed description of the pool valves.

Outgoing Valve Arrangement

First off, these three are all outgoing, that is, water flows from the pump house to the fittings, the spa jets - which finally, after all these years, really work well, and the two sets of 'eyeball' jets - the 3-eyeball set at the end, and the 2-eyeball set in the middle of the pool.

More Valves

Next, these are all incoming - water flows from the pool into the pump house.

Here's the newest valve - the main drain ball valve. That was just installed yesterday. Adjusting that valve with the Vacuum valve open allows Huey, the automatic vacuum to really zip around the pool and give it a good cleaning.

When the vacuum is working, the skimmer must be turned off. That's the function of the large three-way valve.

All the water from those fittings flows through the 2-Hp main pump

And Yet, More

The waterfall valves, there's two, the outlet one prevents water going to the waterfall. The other allows water to flow into the ½-Hp pump dedicated solely to the waterfall.

There is one other valve that isn't mentioned here. It's the one on top of the big filter. That valve controls backwashing - sending water and debris out the drain. It also controls rinsing the filter, as well as the normal day-to-day pool filtering.

The last thing of the project for Mario and crew, is for Bani, the electrician and plumber (he did the masterful arrangement of piping and valves in the pump house), to reroute the gate doorbell and transformer, so that we can begin to use some new equipment at the main gate.

Late-breaking news... Real news, not that fake stuff we're inundated with anymore. So, I found out from Mario that Bani is just Emanuel's nickname. That's right. His actual name is Emanuel. Who knew? I sure didn't.

Anyway, Emanuel, or Bani, or vice-versa, was going to show up Friday, to do the doorbell bit. That didn't happen. I know, that's just totally unheard of down here. I thought maybe, Saturday would do it and texted Mario to see if Bani was coming then. No, he doesn't work on Saturdays, and the reason he didn't reach on Friday was because of a family emergency.

So, now, we're rescheduled for Monday morning. Stay tuned for more late-breaking news on that front.

Enjoy your weekend.

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