23 December, 2016

Thursday Before Christmas

A second day's concerted efforts to finish the Diamond Brite in the pool. I must say, it looks like they are doing a good job of it too.

Diamond Brite the Walls
Diamond Briteing the walls is really going fast. They apply a rough coat, then go around and sponge it smooth. It really looks nice.

It's Moving Right Along
Rene pretty much does the technical parts of plastering. Corners are hard to get nice and smooth. He has the touch.

Washing Down Set Walls
Part of the process. Wetting the walls after the Diamond Brite sets, helps show up any defects and other problems.

Rene Doing a Corner Wall
Looking down on Rene as he finishes the transition between the steps and the wall.
Touching Up the Steps
Laying down on the job helps get the right angle to finish the plastering.

Pump House Almost Completed
Bani is almost done with the pump house. About all that's left if to add sand to the filter, tablets to the tower, and to fill the pool and test everything. I can't wait. Probably will fill the pool tomorrow afternoon.

This is probably the cleanest installation I have seen for a pool in Belize. Very impressive.

Started on the Floor
 They've started Diamond Briteing the floor. Everything looks so white.

Floor Getting Close to Done
From this angle a little later, they're almost done with the Diamond Brite application.

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