04 December, 2016

Sunny Saturday

Saturday, 03 December, 2016. A softly sunlit day. I guess that means, partially cloudy. Better than yesterday morning. Two of the workers showed up, hung around for a few minutes, then Dianna saw them strolling toward the gate. I hollered and asked if they were leaving. Yes, was the response. So I asked if they would lock up the gate as they left.

At the time it was drizzly and gray. Just as well, no work was going to happen yesterday. It had started Thursday afternoon. Everyone left early. There you have it in case you're tracking days by blog title.

By yesterday afternoon, of course, it was sunny. Dianna and I joked that workers would be streaming back for the afternoon. So, today's another day. and work is progressing.

Fence Walls Going Up
Work is proceeding right along today. Already two rows up on the fence. I'll bet by the end of the day, they have most of it up.

Everyone Bending to the Task
Another view of the corner work. It'll be nice to have that back looking like it should instead of something that was ready to fall into the canal.

Bani Finalizing an Outlet
Bani is uncovering an electrical outlet hole. He'll also be switching over the water, so that the pool and house will both have ¾" pipes feeding. The theory is that we'll have flow in the house even when the pool is filling. Something we haven't seen for years.

He's also going to hook up the motion detector light, speaker, and porch light. Be nice to have all that finished.

One of our 11 or 12 Motion Detectors
One of our old motion detection lights has been reinstalled just on the patio side of the house. Next to it is an electrical outlet that might come in handy for Christmas lights or something. Probably better to have too many outlets than not enough.

I just mentally counted up. We have about eleven motion detection lights around the joint. It's not that we're that paranoid (well, maybe we are), but as we built new stuff, we added one here and one there, even under the parking palapa, so there's light getting in or out of the SportTrac. Before you know it, we've got a bunch of the things all over the place.

Great Progress With the Fence
Work is moving right along with the fence. The guys are just finishing forms for the column.

New Electrical Panel Arrives
 Bani's been working on separating the electrical circuits so that the Mennonite house upstairs and the laundry room downstairs are all on one circuit and meter. The rest of the downstairs (the basement), the gate, well pump, pool and other house are all on the other circuit and meter. Progress.

The lower 16 slot panel was a story in itself. Vien, at Lano's sold me the panel and the cover. Unfortunately, it was the wrong cover.

I went back to Lano's to get the correct one. After Vien dragged out every cover they had (none were correct), the place looked like a shoe store with someone who isn't satisfied with the fit.

I went back to the house, got Bani and the panel, and headed back to Lano's to see if we could either get the correct cover or replace it (this is a Square D panel. We would be replacing it with a GE panel. Of course, the breakers used on one aren't compatible with the other. To replace it with the GE panel would mean having to purchase seven GE breakers for around ten bucks BZD each, so it was important to find a cover that fit.

After looking and trying most of the covers, Bani kept trying to tell Vien the part number of the covers they had was wrong. Finally, Vien called the downtown Lano's and they had one cover, that they would send 'right now' to the Ranchito store.

After about a half-hour, it arrived. Believe it or not, it was the correct one. We were happy. By the time we got back to Casa Winjama, it was time to knock off for the weekend. I told Bani, who had just rehung the panel, to leave it as is, and take up the work on Monday.

Fence Project Almost Finished
After the workers left, I snapped a shot showing the progress they made. It's damn near done, and really is looking good.

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