15 November, 2016

Super Moon Tuesday

I have to say it, Neither Dianna nor I were impressed with the super moon last night. We both agreed we've seen bigger and more impressive plain old harvest moons down here. Maybe if you were somewhere else it would have been more impressive. Anyway, it gave us a title for today's posting on 15 November, 2016.

Parging the Waterfall Face
I'm not sure why they're parging (plastering) the face of the waterfall blocks. Myself, I would have just started buttering the tiles and gone for it. I'm sure there's a good reason for it. I'll see I can find what that is.

Found out about the plastering. It's because the corner angle isn't right and the tiles won't come out right without doing it. Not sure I understand, but hey, it'll all work out all right. Right?

Anyway, I think the waterfall is going to be impressive.

Facing Tiles on Spa Seating
This time, we're doing the tiles on the stairs and the spa seating a little differently than before. For those of you who had been in the pool before, remember the tile was 3" and there were two of them on top of the steps with none on the face, so, that if you were in the pool, it could be hard to see the steps. The spa seating was totally covered with 3" tile. This made for a slick seating surface.

Now, as you can see, there will be a 1" tile line around the top with a 2" line on the face. The Diamond Brite will be much smoother. It might make for a more relaxing surface. The tiles for the steps will be done the same way.

Carpentry Shop Starting Up
This is a short-term part of the project. The carpentry shop is now working on the framing for the screen windows for the pool. The shade cloth we had used for our awning is still in such good condition that the guys will be able to use most if not all of it for the windows, saving a bundle of cash.

My Contribution to the Project
My own contribution to the project this morning. One of Isaiel's custom hose hangers that we have all over the place. Now all I  have to do is get a kink-free hose and good nozzle. We'll be ready to go.

Waterfall Outfall
This is the pipe that leads outside to the waterfall itself. It's going to be tricky. I'm hoping I can get up on the scaffold tomorrow and take a photo or two to show how it's going to work.

Trial Fitting Screen Frame
First trial fitting of the first window screen. I think they're going to look good - even better with the shade cloth in them.

Working On the Second Screen Frame
You can see Endher working on the second screen frame. That is going to be really nice. Rene is moving right along with the tile in the pool. It's looking good too.

Moving Screen Frame
Last bit of the work day. The carpentry shop has been busy sanding and fitting screen frames, well at least the first two of them. Here the frame is being moved under the palapa for the evening. The other frame, still on the ground will be going for a trial fitting next.

Trial Fitting Screen Frame
And here that frame is being squeezed into place. I am so looking forward to the screens being in place.

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