12 November, 2016

Saturday - A New World Opens

Saturday, 12 November, 2016.

The deck and both ramps are supposed to get pressure-washed today. So, we're pretty excited about that. This will be the first time since work started on the pool that Dianna will be easily able to move around the pool area, down to the patio area, and her favorite location under the little palapa there, and down to the parking area.

Just to go to the truck has meant a significant effort on her part, of negotiating the front steps, over very uneven ground, climbing over a concrete curb at the parking palapa and then the exercise of getting into the truck. No mean feat in itself.

Now, she will be able to walk down a very gentle slope from the deck to the parking area, go over a fairly level surface to the passenger door of the truck. Quite a difference.

Waterfall Reaches Full Height
The waterfall block work has reached full height. Now they will work on finishing the sides. Then will come the tiles all the way up. And, as I described earlier, the slanted tiles to keep the water from spraying out. Then the big test, to see if the water actually cascades down the face the way that we're envisioning it doing.

Endher Pressure-Washing the Deck
Endher is pressure-washing the deck. They first swept, then vacuumed the deck and ramps. Even after that and one time over with the pressure-washer, it still needs another go. After that, the plan is to put a protective sealer on the deck.

Deck is Looking Clean
I love the color of the deck. It's got a hint of gold in it.

Dianna took it for a test drive with her walker this afternoon. It got two thumbs up. She was quite happy being able to move around on the deck with ease.

Ramp is Looking Inviting
She even tried this ramp down to the middle landing anyway, as they are still working on the lower part of the ramp. Dianna had no problems negotiating the ramp - either on the way down or the way up.

Patio Patch Cleaned
The patio just keeps getting cleaner and cleaner. Even the white mold release that was resident over the patch for a long time is gone. Looking good, very good.

Applying Finish on Ramp Walls
Rene applying the finish coat to the west ramp walls. Next he'll apply the same texture and colorant as on the columns and that'll be done.

End of the Work Day
As they're heading out of the driveway, Rene, in the passenger seat held up a gorgeous white with pink trim cake for me to see. Too fast to get a photo of it. I don't know if it's for a birthday or what.

Doggies Check Lunch Area
Every day at quitting time, as I let the girls out of their pen, the very first place they go to every time is the place on the patio where the workers eat lunch - unless they're fishing. Then they eat out on the dock. But they keep their lunch debris with them, so the doggies feel obligated to check the area out.

One Dirty Pool
Monday, Endher said he's going to start working on the pool itself. He's also going to lay a layer of plastic on the deck so they don't screw that up as they move back and forth working on the pool. I thought a couple shots of the pool would be in order. So we can do a before and after thing.

Dirty the Other Direction Too
Here's the other direction. It's pretty filthy. I'm really looking forward to seeing it done, done, done.

Endher also said he's going to begin measuring for the screen framing. It's getting very near the end, folks.


Wilma said...

It is looking fantastic!

Winjama said...

Hi Wilma,
I could have sworn I replied to your post already. Blogger is acting weird. Anyway, glad you like it. We're pretty proud of it too.