18 November, 2016

And Now It's Thursday

Here we go, edging toward the end of the work week. Thursday, 17 November, 2016.

Stone Tile Actually Going Up
After looking at several different tiles and textures over the past few weeks, we settled on (naturally) one of the first ones that Mario brought for us look at. I think it's going to work really well, both from a color standpoint, and texture.

The texture is really important because we want the water to cascade or tumble over the stones as it goes down to the pool, not to do a straight fall to the water. A straight fall becomes way too noisy, and I think, not as interesting as a cascading waterfall. It should be tested sometime today with the pump and everything. I got my fingers crossed.

Texturing Going On the Ramps
There's more texturing going on with the ramps. It's really looking good. It sets the ramps off nicely.

Rene Applying Texture Coat
Rene's the man for the texturing. He's quiet, methodical, and does a consistent and outstanding job.

A Slight Digression
Got A Ding Last Week
Last week I was a Lano's Hardware, here in Ranchito, getting some supplies for something. Backing out, I was paying attention to my right-side rear view mirror to make sure I didn't hit an SUV parked beside me.

I was totally neglecting the left side, even though when I pulled in, I had to slightly maneuver around a low utility trailer that was parked off to the side. Guess what? I should have at least looked in the left rear-view mirror. I clipped it and the result is easy to see. Damage to the trailer? a couple flecks of paint from my truck.

Got Another Ding Today
And then, this morning. I was coming back from a trip into town, and apparently shorted the turn into the palapa. I scraped the central post, as you can see.

Well, at least now I have a balanced rig. Dangit!

Ok. Back To Work
Sawhorses Are Multiplying
These sawhorses are multiplying. And, with the way they've circled, I think they're planning something.

A Novel Exhaust For Their Chop Saw
The chop saw the carpentry shop is using has a novel use for scrap PVC piping. It works pretty good to.

Frames Are Piling Up
The screen frames are beginning to stack up under the palapa. Good thing we don't have to do any laundry right now. In fact, I've been using our gas dryer since the project started simply because of the dust that's generated day to day.

West Ramp Texturing Done
This is the last intentional shot of the texturing on the west ramp. Rene did a nice job.

Boxes of Waterfall Tiles
The pump house has plenty of room to store tools and supplies like the boxes of stone tile for the waterfall.

Painting Blue Chain
The painter is really quiet. He just goes about his task and does a very nice job. I haven't noticed any drips or anything like that. He even stays inside the lines, not a common trait down here it seems.

Chain Disappears Into the Sky
I love the blue color. It almost perfectly matches the blue of the sky. In fact, as you can see, there are times when it just disappears and you can't tell the painted surface from the sky.

Now It's the East Side Ramp
I just had to show some more plastering and texturing.  Here Rene is doing the east ramp.

Another Frame Trial Fitting
Time for another trial fitting of a screen frame. The carpentry shop only has to make about two more, then they'll be ready to start applying the shade cloth over the framework.

Waterfall Stone Tile in Place
Here's the completed waterfall. Well, complete as far as getting the stone tile all in place. There's still other work to do, like hooking the pump up to water and electricity, that sort of thing. They're going to be testing it sometime tomorrow to make sure that it really does cascade the way we envision it. keeping our fingers crossed.

Tile Water Saws Aren't Popular
Part of doing the tiling of the waterfall, necessarily calls for cutting and trimming tiles. Water-cooled tile saws are not big down here, mostly because of the expense. What they usually use is what you see here. A hand grinder fitted with a cutting wheel. That's it. It usually does the job well enough that nothing more is required.

Noel Eating
I thought it was time to show another picture of our new little girl, Noel. She's so tiny. This is her feeding station that we set up, to keep the dogs from helping themselves to her food. It seems to work pretty good.

Even though she's small, she's already using the big cat's litter box, our CatGenie. It's a little hard for her to climb into it, but that seems to be where she prefers to go. Fine with me. The CatGenie is an automatic, self-cleaning litter box. Spendy, but oh, so worth it not having to scoop and dispose of litter and all that that entails.


Wilma said...

Noel is a lovely little thing. Your blue paint is similar to what we used to paint the ceiling in our new addition. I love it as it changes color through out the day, just like the sky does.

Winjama said...

Hi Wilma,
Yes, she is a cute little thing. Gets into everything all day long. We had a hard time settling on the blue. I'm glad we got the shade we did. Ours seems to change as well. Kinda cool effect.