14 October, 2016

Thor's or Jupiter's Day

A good title for today 13 October, 2016. I didn't come up with it on my own. Credit due to Wikipedia, the fount of all knowledge, correct or not, on the intertubes. Besides, Thor, or Thunder, is doubly fitting. Lately, when we've had thunderstorms, we've had humdingers. None in the forecast for today.

Footings for West Ramp
West side footings are ready to go. Unfortunately, the 'machine', the cement mixer has other ideas. It's transmission (I'm guessing here) when the bowl is tilted over, sounds like it's trying to strip every tooth it has in its gearing. Not a good sign.

So, consequently, the guys are mixing using the old tried and true method. At least they're not out in the road doing it.

Block Work on East Ramp
This in on the east side ramp. Footings are in place, and the slope looks like it's set well for the lower part of the ramp.

Concrete Going In On West Ramp
Jumping around now. This is back on the west side. Concrete is going into the trenches.

Slope of Lower Ramp Looking Good
The lower slope of the east ramp is looking good. The upper slope still has that worrisome hump in it. I'm keeping a close eye on it to make sure it slopes correctly.

Footing's Been Autographed
Our children decided to leave their autographs in the concrete. They must have done this as soon as I set them loose from the pen last night. I didn't notice their handiwork till this morning.

West Side Footing Almost Done
West side footings are almost done. Still to do is the footing for the circular staircase.

Glass Block For Column?
- Photo Courtesy of Mario Zetina
Mario sent us this picture of available block at whatever store he visited yesterday. I don't know if the display at Creative Tile here in Corozal or Boxito (pronounced bo-shee-doh) or somewhere else in Chetumal.

We're thinking of selecting the solid blue (2nd up, bottom right) or the clear with sparkly (top right). Remember, the tile is going to go in the space next to the waterfall between the pump house and the column.

East Ramp is Looking Like a Ramp
The east ramp is really starting to look like a ramp should. I mentioned to the guys that I was concerned about the hump that is still in place on the upper part. They assured me it would be correct when they pour. I hope so.

Plastering Waterfall Area Continues
A little bit of plastering continues on the waterfall area. It will be interesting to see that all come together.

Boxing the Circular Stair Pad
A lot of progress on the pad for the circular staircase. It will be fun to see the stairs go up and be usable.

West Ramp Forming Up
Along with the pad progress, there's a lot of progress for the west ramp.

Stairway Pad Ready For Next Step
Here's a shot after the workers left. Pad box is ready for the next step, filling in. 8' x 8' will be plenty big enough for the circular stairway.

Showing Column Steel
Here's a shot of the west ramp showing the newly installed steel for the fence columns, which will be the same as the ones they did for the Mennonite house stairs. Should look great.


Wilma said...

Those glass blocks will be great! I like the blue ones, but they are all pretty.

Winjama said...

Hi Wilma,

Yeh, we're leaning toward the blue ones as well. I think they'd make a nice accent. We'll tally your vote in.