26 October, 2016

The Very Next Day

The very next day would be Wednesday, 26 October, 2016. And the activity is heating up a bit. All kinds of stuff is happening.

Scaffolding Going Up For North Side
A veritable hubbub of activity here today. Starting as usual with a couple of guys plastering columns and parts of the beam. Then with Erwin and Daniel knocking together some wood scaffolding to plaster the north side of the columns and beam. It's going to be one continuous run. It's a good thing we saved the lumber from the old deck. That has really come in handy.

Daniel Bringing in More Lumber
Here's Daniel bringing more lumber over to be added to the scaffolding. I'm guessing that Endher wants to get all the plastering done this week so that next week can be devoted to pouring, coloring, and stamping the pool deck, ramps, and probably the patio, We're really looking forward to getting that all done. It will seem like it's in the final stages then.

Endher Pressure Washing Patio
Endher is busy pressure washing the patio. There's the big ditch that will be covered with concrete, plus they're going to patch the crack that parallels the ditch. It will all look so nice when it's done.

Now There's A Serious Manifold
Now, like the caption says, this is one serious manifold. All 2" pipe so it should be able to run some large amounts of water. These guys really know their pool stuff. I'm impressed.

Timer and Water Fill Ready
Here's the utility room where the pump timer now lives, along with the pool light, and the pool filler valve. it's going to be so nice to have all that in one convenient location.

Now, I have to get busy and clean the utility room out. I want to move all the pool maintenance stuff down to the pump house and pretty much just keep the utility room for pool toys and the like.

Pool Deck Faucet Ready To Clean
Here's the pool deck faucet I asked them to install. Now, all I have to do is hang one of the fancy metal hangers our Godson, Isaiel, made for us and put a decent hose and nozzle on it and this will be complete.

Another View of the Scaffolding
This is a little different view of the scaffolding. It'll be impressive when they're using it. That will happen tomorrow.

It's really starting to feel like we're in the home stretch with this project. I can't wait till the pool gets turned on for the first time. That manifold, using 2" pipe, wow! There is going to be some serious water flow through the filter and through the spa jets. Maybe they'll work as advertised really for the first time. It was always hit or miss and very low key before.

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