15 October, 2016


A Saturday work-fest 15 October, 2016. For some reason, today has seemed slow, to Dianna and myself. Not sure why. Maybe we didn't sleep all that good or something. Who knows? Anyway, here's what's been happening today.

Ramp Columns Curing
First off, the forms came off the columns as soon as the crew started working. Nice looking columns too.

New Forms Up and Ready
Next thing, those forms were put in place and braced for a pour this afternoon. Then the guys moved quite a few more wheelbarrow loads of fill into the ramp walkway and the stair pad. Shortly after lunch, they filled the three forms with concrete.

Electrical Work in the Pump House
While that was going on, Bani, the electrician, was busy wiring up the pump house for lighting. I need to ask him if he can put a porch light just outside the door too. I just did that very thing. Light switch and box will be going in.

Next Forms Already Filled
Here's the forms I mentioned. They're already filled. Mario came by. He and Endher talked it over and decided there was too much of a span in the ramp itself, so they're going to add two more columns. That'll work good.

Endher Making Two More Forms
Here's Endher fabricating the additional forms. I'm always amazed at what they can get done with just a few hand and power tools, oh yes, and dull saw blades and drill bits. Why buy a new blade, it still cuts?

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