10 October, 2016

Saturday in the Park

Well, that's the lyrics that came to mind. Although Chicago sang about being in the park. How about our pool? and almost mid-October. Close enough for gummit work.

Work is progressing, although I'm sure Dianna wishes they'd just go away. She's in bed with a pretty good cold. I fixed her some chicken noodle soup for supper last night, and she's staying dosed with Benjamin's Cold and Cough Medicine. I think it's kind of like Buckley's. Tastes terrible, but it works.

Prying the Forms Apart
Another nice day here in Corozal. Already reaching for that 90°(f) mark. The guys are speedily dismantling the sides of the chain forms. The base and the sticks will stay for roughly 10 days or so, to cure properly.

Taking Away the Wood Pieces
Big pieces, small pieces, and everything in between coming down.

Scaffolding for Plastering Going Up
Work platforms are also going up right away so the plastering can begin. Here the first one is going up in front of the waterfall part of the pump house.

Good View of Metal Brackets
This picture shows the metal brackets on top that will be used to anchor the cross braces that will anchor the metal beams that will help support the shade cloth roof.

Plastering Has Begun
Mario said this part will really seem like the project is slowing down. Probably so.

The plastering moves along, but after a bit, it seems slow too. That's experience from past projects speaking.

Chipping With a Hatchet
One of the things the junior guys of the crew are doing is chipping all the smooth cast concrete surfaces to roughen them up using a hatchet. Slow, mindless work.

Applying the Rough Coat
Around the edge of the pump house roof will be smooth and painted blue. the rest of the pump house will be textured and terra cotta color like the new portion of our house..

A Natural Golf Swing
The last piece of the metal framework that held the awning over the pool is going away. Erwin seems to have a natural swing developed for that.

The Other End
Here's the other end of the structure for the old awning. Almost seemed a shame to get rid of it, but it did it's job for a long time, so it's ok.

Last Blue Support Coming Down
Here it is, actually coming down. Who knows? Some of it may yet be used as a support for the circular staircase.

Carrying It Away
And away it goes, just over to the little palapa to await its fate.

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