12 October, 2016

Rainy Tuesday

It started out as almost being foggy. With that, I figured we most likely weren't going to be getting any rain today, Tuesday, 11 October, 2016.

Was I ever wrong. About 11:45 AM, out of the north from Chetumal way,  here it came. Not a super soaker, but still, enough to make all the workers scurry for shelter a couple of times. Good think it's now lunchtime. The guys can all hunker down and little, if any, work time will be lost.

Widening the Ramp Area
Dianna and I decided the track that her rolling walker will go up and down needed to be 3/6" wide. Since the ramp forms a 'U', that means the whole thing is about 7' across. So that's why Erwin is taking out that big chunk of the patio concrete.

Plastering Above the Waterfall Area
Since the waterfall itself is going to be about five or six feet high, there's still a lot of surface area above the waterfall that needs to have something done. We're toying with the idea of having a mural done up there in some nautical or jungle theme or other.

We may not reuse the plastic waterfall piece that we used in the old waterfall. We're not planning on having much in the line of a free-falling waterfall, more of a cascade sort of thing, if that helps, so we're looking to Mario and crew for that design.

Plastering Pump House Back Side
I shot this one, kind of in the blind, through the window opening of the pump house. The plastering of the outside of the pump house is almost done. I'm guessing the inside will go next.

Probably after that, the columns will be plastered along with the beam. All that sort of stuff has to be done before work starts on the pool and the deck.

Hidden Away, Work Is Happening
I heard drilling and sawing and banging going on all morning, but never saw anyone doing any of that, well, except for the various noises the guys working on the ramp were making.

Finally, I saw a couple of heads bobbing around in amongst the Areca palms, so I grabbed my camera and went to investigate.

Here's where a lot of work is going on. What they're doing is building a suspended shelf, supported by a lot of rebar on the backside of the pool. It runs in between each of the columns back there, and will be providing a support area for the wall screens, so they present a uniform appearance all around the pool. Is that cool or what?

Little Better View
This photo gives a slightly better view of that work. They're better than half-way done fabricating the shelving. Once it's cast with concrete, it will make the back side of the pool look just like the other sides.

From the Waterfall Area
This view I shot from around the waterfall area, through the plastering scaffolding. it gives you a much clearer idea of just what they are doing back there.

Ramp Beginning to Shape Up
The first ramp is really moving along. In this shot, you can definitely see the slope of the ramp. It's going to be slightly less that 1" to 1', so Dianna should have an easy time navigating.

Lengthwise View of Ramp
This lengthwise view shows this is the upper half of the ramp, with the lower half yet to be formed. It's going to be big, but I'll bet we get used to it and don't even realize anything is different.

Sticks From Inside Pump House
The sticks have come out from supporting the roof of the pump house. They'll be moved out of the way tomorrow.

Ceiling Getting Plastered
Inside, you can see the plastering of the ceiling has started. I don't know about a small space like this, but I do know, in a regular sized room, when the plastering starts, the humidity in the room goes through the roof (no pun intended).

Good Shot of Forms On Back
Here's a nice shot of the shelves that got cast late this afternoon. they'll start removing the form sides and tops in the morning.


Wilma said...

It all looks fantastic, Dave! We had a nice wooden ramp built for my Mom to use with her rollator. She also liked to use the ramp for her walking therapy because she could reach the rails on each side for balance. The ramp was great for going up, but too steep for her go down by herself. We just didn't have the room to make it the proper grade that yours will have. That ramp gave her a lot of pleasure.

Winjama said...

Hi Wilma,
Thanks for the nice comment. I've worried about the ramp a lot. I know Dianna has a hard time with what tot he casual observer would be a gentle slope. I just hope this will be good for her. I know she misses being able to go down to the patio and sit under the palapa. Well, not much longer and we'll know if it will do the trick.