21 September, 2016

Pool Project - A Week at a Pop - 09/15/2016 - 09/21/2016

Well, this edition of the 'Week at a Pop' postings will be the last of that. Hopefully, I can get to a daily  (mas o menos) schedule of postings that cover the latest on the project, but also what other stuff we're dealing with. Kind of like I used to do before Dianna's accident. I'd sort of mostly stay on a topic for that day, and on Sundays (or whatever day seemed appropriate) I'd do a 'grab-bag' edition of all the loose ends and pieces.

So, anyway, here's the next update:

Pump House Footing Almost Done
The pump house footing is coming along. It's designed to be about six inches above the patio floor level, so there will not be a drop-down step just outside the pump house.

Broken Spa Jet Pipe
One of the things we had problems with almost continually, was the spa jets just never seemed to work right. Part of the problem was found. Although separated now, it was just a cracked pipe when it was in the ground, supplying water to the jets. Plus it was undersized. Now the jets will have proper amount of water coming to them, so we should have good 'bubbleation' in the spa.

Drain Pipe For Filter Backwash
This pipe is the outfall for the filter backwash. it's connected to a pipe I buried a long time ago that started with the French drain (below) and also fed from the floor drains just outside the pump house and over by the patio table.

Part of Old Deck French Drain
Here's a corner of the French drain. It ran pretty much under the whole deck, keeping that area relatively free of excess rain water. It's not going to be used now, but we're leaving it in place, just because it's easier than trying to pull it up.

Pump House Floor Being Cast
A real sign of progress. The pump house floor has steel in it and the pour has begun. You can also see some of the piping that is coming into the pump house.

Pump House Floor Almost Done
The pour is almost done. I forgot to mention, there will be a floor drain in the near corner of the pump house (you can see it, covered with duct tape). It's tied directly to the backwash drain.

Pour Completed
Pump house floor is done. After it cures Endher will punch through so the floor drain in the near corner will once again show up.

Spa Jet Piping  Was Redone
The spa piping just looks so much more official now. No more inch-and-a-quarter stuff, it's all two inch piping. Should be a much better spa experience this time around.

Skimmer and Piping
Lots of real business-looking piping heading into the pump house now. I can't wait to see it in action.

Nice Looking Pipe Installation
Just a little better view of the piping and the pump house floor.

Lining Column Holes With Rock
Here's one of six or seven column footing holes being prepared. That's a piece of the French drain in the back. First they're lined with rock to allow the water from the underground stream to do it's thing.

Then Small Gravel
After a couple feet of rock are placed, then about six inches of small, hard gravel is laid on.

Then the Rebar
Then comes the rebar, base and column. Each of the columns will be braced with tying wire till the pour is completed.

And Then Many Buckets of Concrete
And finally, many buckets of concrete anchor it all in the hole. After that will come the actual casting of the columns themselves. The blue metal framework you see in the background once held our fabric awning up. It's coming out. Seems a shame, but it served its purpose and did a good job.


Wilma said...

It is coming right along! What is the size of your pool?

Winjama said...

Hi Wilma, I think from here on out, progress will seem to really zoom along.
What size is the pool? Roughly, it's 12-ft by 24-ft, and 4-ft deep.
We found out it's called a 'social' pool, because it's made for people to stand around in it, or 'bob' around, being social. Once in a while someone actually swims in it.