27 February, 2016

More Pre-Move-In Stuff

We are making strides on moving in. It just doesn't seem that it is necessarily in a forward motion all the time.

This bit is. Carl, our contractor, had told me that the little Guatamalan store downtown on 4th Avenue, the one across from Corozal Virtual Office... You know, the store with all the plastic stuff outside. It's pretty hard to miss really. Anyway, he told me they had hammocks like the style we were looking for.

So, yesterday, I went down and looked for myself. As you can see, we got two of them. Very nice, and a very nice price too. A little hagling paid off. I think we got a pretty good deal. Of course, we probably still paid too much, but I was happy. And that's all that matters, right? If both sides are happy, what's the problem?

They work too. I spent some time in mine - the far one. I'm looking forward to some serious napping.
Our New Hammocks In Place
 We've started getting ready to move the Armoir. I emptied out all my clothes - that's them below. All the foldable stuff, anyway. Dianna needs to empty her side, then I can take the doors off and we'll be ready to move that behemoth.
All My Foldables From the Armoir
You know those closet bars I put up the other day? I epoxied the side screw shields in place, but neglected to epoxy the center bracket shields. Guess what gave way?

Easy to tell where the backward step in the moving process occurred.
One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward
 As you can readily see, the plastic shield came right out and of course, brought down the whole works. Well, nothing but an hour or two of picking up all the clothing, re-installing the brackets and rods, with epoxy on the bracket shields, and waiting an hour for that to cure completely, then rehanging all the clothing.
Ripped Out Screw Shield
 As you can see, I've rehung my stuff. Dianna took a bit more time to do hers. Anyway, it's back up, with everything hung and staying hung this time. We're back on track.
A Nicely Organized and Epoxied Closet
 The bathroom linen closet is becoming populated. It looks so neat and tidy. The cats discovered they can jump up there too, if someone leaves a door ajar for them.
Bathroom Linen Closet Looking Good

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