13 January, 2016

Pool House Expansion Project, Day 76-78 - 08--12/01/16

Lots of stuff going one, screens, texturing, plastering, furniture deliveries, etc.

Days Seventy Six Through Seventy-Eight , 08-12 January, 2016

I took this next group of photos on Saturday. The guys had left for the weekend, after a mix up on two buckets of drywall compound that didn't get unloaded which left them with nothing to work with.

As Omar's cellphone was kaput, after Carl left with the buckets in the back of his pickup, the guys asked me to call him, which I did twice but couldn't connect with him.

Not only mechanical communications problems, but someone forgot to let me know that Mitch might be coming by with the pantry and bathroom cabinets.

Anyway, about 5:15 PM, or so, Mitch arrives. Since we had nowhere to put the cabinets, I had him stash them in the office. Luckily, the scaffolding was positioned such that he was able to position them out of the way. It was also a good thing that he had an assistant with him to help unload.

So, here they are. Both have adjustable shelves, hidden hinges, and lattice doors, to help with air circulation.
New Kitchen Pantry 10 - 8.18
They were secure against any sort of weather intrusion, so after unloading them Mitch departed, and Dianna and I went back to our supper.
New Bathroom Linen Closet 10 - 8.18
Here's a couple of shots of the interior of the panty.
Inside Upper Pantry 10 - 8.19
Inside Lower Pantry 10 - 8.19
And the same for the linen closet.
Inside Upper Linen Closet 10 - 8.20

Inside Lower Linen Closet 10 - 8.20
Here, Dianna is providing scale for the pantry. It's quite a large piece of furniture.
Dianna Providing Scale For Pantry 10 - 8.20
This is the opening to the dining room. Last we saw it, there was an electrical wire dangling across the opening. That has since been redone, with the wire run buried under the concrete and the vertical edges of the opening finished off as well.
Wire Buried and Tile All Gone 10 - 8.22
A distance shot to give you an idea of how it looks in the overall picture.
Dining Room Doorway Plastered 10 - 8.22
Errol is almost done with the ceiling texturing in the veranda and walkway. It really looks nice.
Walkway and Veranda Ceiling Texture 10 - 8.23
The down-side of all this is where do you store everything that is already in the pool house? Dianna sees the task looming.
Dianna Contemplating What's Ahead 10 - 8.25
Stuff is literally getting piled everywhere. And not just here. In the bathroom as well. Shelving and burglar bars for the windows. Lamps and other stuff is occupying the shower, so space is really at a premium.
Kitchen Store Room 10 - 8.25
Now, here's something you generally don't see every day. This was taken by a semi-autonomous quad-copter drone just this morning by a recently retired videographer from Illinois. Michael Thompson, of TnT Video Services (501-666-4607), was kind enough to provide this photo and a few short videos of the immediate area.It's a 12M-pixel photo and shows incredible detail. Michael is visiting Belize as a guest of Carl, our contractor. Quite a cool shot.
Casa Winjama From 400' 11 - ?
You can also reach Michael by email at, or visit their website at

Here you can see some of the screens actually getting their screens. This is a trial fitting, complete with the center brace - we call those cup-holders.
Trial Fitting Shade Screen 12 - 7.08
This is the place where the screen fabric, actually shade cloth, the same stuff as we use for the swimming pool awning, gets attached to the wood frame.
Stretching the Shade Cloth Over the Frame 12 - 7.09
Kind of a surreal shot of Errol rolling the ceiling texture. It's hard to see what you're looking at. There is a doorway there with a ladder and distant exterior wall. Perspective seems strange.
Errol Finishing Ceiling 2nd Coat 12 - 7.10
While all this was going on, I repositioned the clothesline under the palapa. Denis was kind enough to come over and help with this. It's one of those jobs where you really do need several hands while trying to tension the lines and at the same time, to tighten up the fittings.
New Clothesline More Tightening Needed 12 - 7.14
Here you can see what the screens look like from the outside. I think it will give a nice finished look when it's all done.
From the Outside 12 - 9.21
Here's a shot of the dining room opening with the plastering wood removed. The opening edges have all been nicely smoothed.
Dining Room Opening 12 - 9.22
There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project. 


Unknown said...

Wow! It looks so big now! Opening the wall to the dining room has made an enormous difference! And the aerial view really shows the estate to great advantage. I am so happy for you guys!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Colleen, I agree. It is looking big. I think the tiling helps too.

That aerial shot turned out to be pretty cool. Makes it look more like an estancia, no?