24 December, 2015

2015 Annual Christmas Parade

Nothing like welcoming the Christmas Season in with a big parade, featuring a bunch of fireworks, some sounding like military munitions exploding, loud music from gigantic sound systems on almost every float, lots of horns and sirens. In short, a whole lotta fun!

Here's a selection of the sixty-some photos I took of the Christmas Parade from the balcony over Z-Restaurant last evening. Perfect weather and a big crowd!

Getting Lined Up For the Parade

Motorcycle Police Trying to Clear the Way for the Parade

The Sign Says It All

Dancing Santa Babes

Mike Wu, Owner of Z-Restaurant, In the Parade

The Man Himself

Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health, Tossing Candy and Trinkets

Presidente Beer's Double Decker

Fancy Cars

Not Sure This Was Really A Float, But Here It Is!

Some Parade Babes We Met

This Truck Had the Best Horn In the Parade!

There's a whole bunch more photos of the parade than appear here. You can see all the photos of the parade on Flickr at: https://www.flickr.com/gp/winjama/Q8C533.    


  1. Terrific floats! Looks like loads of fun, especially if you are wearing ear plugs. ;-)

  2. Hi Wilma,

    The parade was a lot of fun. Prior to the parade, we all had dinner at Z's, with a limited menu as Mike, the chef was taking part in the parade. His wife, Mimi, whipped up some great fried chicken for us.

    Earplugs would definitely have halped. A lot of nicse all evening. Still a real hoot.

    Hope you have a good Christmas.



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