01 November, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project, Days Twenty-Four to Twenty-Six, 26 - 29/10/15

The bottom half of the vanity has arrived.

Day Twenty-Six - 29 October, 2015

What happened to days 24 through 28, you might ask? Well, probably nothing. Most likely, work continued laying block, and the walls continued to go up. I had other chores and/or errands to run, so I wasn't able to keep a running photo journal of the activities. It happens now and then.
Bathroom Vanity Arrives
One of the things I did manage to catch was the arrival of our new bathroom vanity, well, the lower half of it. It's eight-feet wide and two-feet deep. We're still not sure what counter-top it will get. It is going to have just one sink, giving us plenty of room for the usual collection of bathroom counter-top paraphernalia.
Bring It Gently, No Scratches
It's made out of solid mahogany and is quite heavy. Mitch is just getting his cabinet-making business started, so this was a bit of a test for him. If everything works out well, Carl wants to use him for other projects, so it could become a win-win situation for both.
That's Mighty Fine Looking
With such gorgeous wood, it almost seemed a shame to paint it, but we didn't really want wood tones in the bathroom. The left cutout is for our Cat Genie, a powered, self-cleaning cat liter box. It will have it's own water supply hookup, as well as a connection to the sink's sewer line. The right cutout is for Dianna to have a 'foo-foo' area.
More of a Frontal View
It's going to have one sink. We don't need to rush to get to work, so there's much less need for dual space issues in the bathroom. We've pretty much always had only one sink to deal with, so we're quite used to that.

This next shot, just shows the central cabinet area with a half-shelf already installed. There should be plenty of room for the plumbing hookups and sink drain stuff.
Showing Center Section With Shelf
Here's Mitch and Carl going over some details of the upper medicine cabinet. Now that the lower part is out of the way, Mitch will be able to work on the upper one.
Mitch Going Over Details With Carl
Mitch is also going to be building a couple other cabinets for us. A bathroom storage cabinet and a kitchen pantry cabinet.

There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.    


Wilma said...

Just went through your Flickr photos. It is looking wonderful! How do the dogs like their run? Do they get access to the yard after the crew is gone for the day? We are to the point of running the wiring in the addition, but I haven't posted any construction updates for a while.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,
Glad you enjoyed the photos. My apologies, I haven't taken the time to edit out duplicates or near duplicates. Maybe someday.
As for the run, it took the girls about a week to adjust to it. For some reason known only to them, initially closing the gate meant they were being punished. So, I was able to solve that problem by guiding them on leash through the downstairs (there's another entrance) and releasing them into the pen.

Now that they've adjusted, I just call them and in they come, through the gate with no problems whatsoever.

Once the crew departs for the day, the girls get the total run of the place, and all night as well, until about five minutes before the workers return the following day.

As of now, the pen is a hit all around. We have modified the rules a smidge. I put out their supper on the back upstairs porch at about 4 PM. Then, I let the girls out of the pen. They run over to a vacant part of the property, do their business (they don't like to go in the pen) and then run up to get supper. Supper ends with each of them being given two small milk bone-like bones. I do that in the kitchen. As they come in for their bones, then I close the outside doors and they stay in the kitchen or living room, for an hour or so until the workers leave. Gives the girls and us a bit of time to socialize, yet it keeps them secured. Once the workers leave, the doors are opened and they're free to do whatever they want.

We're hoping to get the roof trusses on Tuesday. So, I've got a day or two to get caught up with the blog.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of your construction updates too. That's a beautiful project - Dr. Flies and and all!