31 October, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project, Days Seventeen Through Twenty-One, 17-22/10/15

Here we are at another day of the Pool House Expansion Project.

Day Twenty-One - 17 October, 2015, More or less, Through the 23rd.

You're probably wondering (maybe not, but bear with me anyway) what happened to days 17 through 30 of the project. Well, they didn't just disappear. There was work done on those days.

I think I explained in a previous post about the problems I've had with the computers, both my desktop, requiring a virtually complete rebuild, to the inability of my iPad to take care of, what seems to me, to be rather mundane and day-to-day bloggings tasks, like a posting that is longer than four or five paragraphs and that might contain more than one photograph - with caption yet.

Today will be the start of a sort of catch-up blog day. I've got several photos to share, some will only appear on Flickr (you can find the link in the last paragraph of this post). I'll put them in, more or less in order, so you'll see chronologically, how the construction is progressing.

To start things off, each day, after the workers have gone home, the dogs, free of their pen, head immediately over to the construction to see how things are progressing. Likewise, the cats, at least April and Nelson, come with us when we inspect the site. I'm sure they all are looking at the job with a critical eye, and not merely looking for a tasty morsel that the workers might have left behind.
April Inspecting the Quality of Work
We're only putting in one kitty door, and that's on the west side of the house, through the office. That's mainly to encourage the cats to stay on the land side of the house. We don't want to encourage them to come around to the canal side any more than we have to. It's probably all a moot issue, as they're going to do just what they want to regardless of what we want them to do.

These two photos were from Saturday, 17 October, 2015.
Nelson Checking The Kitty Doorway for Proper Fit
These next two are from Wednesday, 21 October, 2015, and illustrate just how fast everything is moving along. Walls are reaching their final height, lintels are being cast in place.
Lintels Are Going Up All Over
And, Omar is usually in two places at once, checking on measurements and lining things up properly.
Omar With His Ever-Present Tape, Measuring Things
The 22nd of October, another fine day, I managed to capture The guys getting one of the column forms ready to deploy.
Column Form Being Readied For Use
The following day, the23rd, was exciting, as this was the day the Mennonites were going to deliver the trusses. And that will be a new posting.

There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.  

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