13 October, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project, Day Seventeen - 12/10/15

The start of the walls going up. Or not, as the case may be.

Day Seventeen - 12 October, 2015

Monday morning. I decided to take advantage of the time just before the workers arrived and snap some photos of the pour in its pristine state. I had left my extension ladder up on the original pool house so it was very easy to get to the roof for these shots.
The Over-All Big Picture
The main stairs so far, has turned out really clean. Omar did a nice job of casting this.
Nice Angle of the Main Stairs
Here's the back stairs. This will serve mostly as a shortcut to the patio. Dianna has earmarked the area to the left of the stairs in the image below, for her fairy garden. She used to have one in Olympia and I know she really misses it.
The Back Stairs From the Roof
A shot showing the bathroom sink supply and drain piping, and the water heater feed and gas line (in protective PVC tube.
Bathroom and Water Heater Piping
A lot of these photos are just so we can remember how plumbing and electrical runs were done, so that in the future, if we need to make repairs or modifications, we have a reference point to just where things are located and avoid any disastrous cutting into something that we shouldn't be breaking into.
Up Close of the Back Stairs
Another view of the main stairs but this one also shows how close we are to the parking palapa. We may need to trim that back a bit to accommodate the house wall structure. Shouldn't be a problem if we do have to trim it.
Main Stairs and Proximity of Parking Palapa
The outer portion of the pour has been brushed all around. That is going to be our veranda. It's also supposed to have a ½" slope going from the inside wall down to the outside wall to funnel any rain toward the outside. There's just a couple areas where that didn't happen. It should be easy to correct. It was fortunate that the rain happened when it did, so that we can note just where those two low spots are at.
Reflection Captures Low Spot Better
Our big piles of gravel and sand (so loved by the dogs) have been greatly diminished. The leftover rock will be moved out to the canal bulkhead to fill several large low spots there.

Sand and Gravel Pretty Well Decimated
Carl thought it would be a good idea to put the gas line in a larger conduit to run it through the concrete. He's right. If we ever have to replace it, without the conduit, that would been chopping up the concrete. With the conduit, it simply a matter of removing the old hose and feeding new hose through.
Water Heater Gas Line and Water Feeds
Seven AM. The dogs are a securely chained (we are in the process of building them a run, so that we don't have to chain them up. I should have done that a long time ago), and the gate has been opened for the workers.

A few minutes later, here comes Carl's pickup. I'm looking from the front porch of the Mennonite house as they pull in. I see Carl and Omar getting out. I holler down to them, "A truckload of supervisors and no workers. What's up?"

Carl told me that since today (Monday) was also a holiday (Pan American Day, formerly Columbus Day, since he's rightfully been discredited by history as a not-so-nice a guy) about half the crew partied a bit to strenuously the night before and were unable to make it to work. Carl decided to give the whole crew the day off to celebrate the holiday. That's cool. We can actually use the day off to let the concrete continue to cure a bit longer.

We showed them the low spots and talked a bit about logistics and cabinetry, we're trying out a new cabinet maker so that will be interesting. After a bit, with all the bits and pieces taken care of Carl and Omar left, and I let loose the dogs. Everyone gets to enjoy the holiday.

There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project. 


Wilma said...

Great idea to use the photos for future reference for location of lines, plumbing, etc. We have learned serendipitously how useful that is and now document all stages of all our projects. Love your curved stairs!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

Using photos in this way has worked well for us in the past. In fact, we created a CD for the people who bought the house that we built in Olympia, allowing them to take advantage of the photos as well. Plus it helps transfer a bit of 'house history' too.

I'm having real issues trying to publish comments or replys to comments. We'll see how this works.