27 September, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project, Days Five and Six - 26-27/09/15

We got back from Belmopan on Saturday afternoon.

Day Five and Six - 26 and 27 September, 2015

Just in time for Sunday and Sunday night's Blood Red Moon, really just a total lunar eclipse. But still, pretty cool. I stayed up as long as I could to see it. Not quite half way through the five and-a-half hour progression of the eclipse.

You'd be surprised how strong the beliefs down here are in old wive's tales and legends of what can happen to pregnant women, children, women who want/don't want to become pregnant, etc. I think the old beliefs may be losing ground, because of some of the questions we got asked about it. But, unless you can give a factual, simple and easy to understand answer, but even then, the fall-back is to continue believing the old ways.
My Pocket Camera's Take of the Blood Red Moon
 We came back to lots of mounds of marl and trenches run everywhere.These guys worked hard. And that's even with rain delays.

Colleen, who house-sat for us and tended the animals too, told us about the heavy rains and how the guys had to shovel the water out of the trenches before they could continue doing their work. We owe Colleen a huge debt of grattitude for staying here, and for her husband Bruce, who had to take care of matters at their own home while Colleen was gone. Thanks guys. We owe you.
A Lot of Progress - Mounds Everywhere
Of course, by the time we got back, the heavy rains had subsided. It was pretty much georgeous weather on the home-front by then. Don't those trenches just look great? We were surprised and happy to see how much progress had been made.

Trenches Look Great in this Shot

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