25 May, 2015

Tuk, Tock, or Maybe It's 'The King's Dog'

Yesterday was a busy day for a bunch of us. That bunch being Bruce and Colleen, Jeff and Sara, Jane and Steve, and Dianna and myself.

First off, we loaded up a couple of vehicles and headed off to the tulies up near Xaibe to a place called Jacob's Farm. Jacob's Farm is actually a drug and alcohol rehab center. Along with that, they are actively working to make the place self-sustaining with organic farming, fish aquaculture, and chickens.

There was plenty to see with crafts, such as hand-died clothing, hammocks, good food for sale, and music provided by Brad and Christina.

Dianna bought a Mayan basket, and some homemade mango preserves and goat cheese from Gloria Verka, who had a booth there. She and Jim were showing off a couple of their young goats as well.

After stuffing our tummies, we headed back to town, eventually making it over to Sara and Jeff's place (Denis and Vivien's house) where we learned to play a game called Tuk, or Tuck, or as the title says, 'The King's Dog.'

Tuck is a board game, similar to LudoAggravation or Sorry!, in which players race their four tokens (or marbles, or, in our case, golf tees) around the game board from start to finish—the objective being to be the first to take all of one's tokens "home". Like Sorry!, it is played with playing cards rather than dice. - thanks in no small part to Wikipedia. Look it up, there's a lot of stuff about the game and its variations.

Did I forget to mention that Tuck is a fun game to play. Pretty easy to learn to play, and it keeps your attention - something that is important nowadays. It's easy for six adults to play. The biggest problem is getting chairs comfortably around the game table. Once that's solved, it's a hoot to play.

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