30 April, 2015

Oh, No. The Current Is Finish!

Since about 8:30 AM, this morning the electricity or ' current' as it's known locally, has been out.

No warning or anything. Since it has been raining most of the night and all morning, we kind of wondered if there was a connection.

Turns out, no there wasn't. I just got a text message from BEL advising the unplanned outage was due to a fallen tree, and that current should be restored by 10:00 AM today.

Thankfully, due to the rain and northerly breezes, the temperature has dropped enough  that Dianna put on long pants and a long-sleeved shirt to keep warm.

Little Chanel has been trying to snuggle all morning. She was finally able when I crawled under the sheet to kelp myself warm. She wasted no time curling up on top of me.

It's now about 9:55. Current should be back momentarily (He said optimistically).

Well, well. 9:58 and everything is back. Now to reset all the clocks and the pool timer.

FLASH! - Update... Well, there should have been an update. It didn't get saved, obviously. The current went out again shortly after that and was out till after midnight. Then it went out again about 6:50 AM this morning for about a half hour.

So the outage lasted about 20 hours, give or take. I suspect the problem was bigger than just a blown or recalcitrant transformer. I've watched BEL put up and take down transformers in far less time than that. I think the whole sub-station might have been involved. Anyway, current is back now.

Along with the current outage, our Intertubes went south as well. Could it have been related? Maybe... It's probably why the posting update never got saved. I hate when that happens.

So, life is getting back to normal.


Wilma said...

We have current (our solar is doing amazingly well in all this cloudy weather), but the internet was finish! It is a little better now and I am able to comment on blogs again. So thanks for the shout out about the sticky balls. Hope they can make a difference for you! And hope your current is back.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,
Sticky balls will wait till next month. The adhesive didn't make this shipment with Easy Shipping. We've had some light rain at times, and several power outages - you folks on solar miss all that fun. Of course that all happened as I was trying to transition from yayhoo to Google hosting. Finally got the blog and the domain working along with email. Amazing how much gets screwed up with a simple change. Stay cool and away from Dr. Flies.