21 April, 2015

Notice Anything?

Look, up in the sky... Well, up at the top of the page anyway. Is it a bird? No, that's missing (just for a bit). Of course, it's not a plane either. What it is, is white lettering (of course this morning, it is now the proper gold color... What can I say?), but in a boring plain font.

I purchased a font that is the one we've used for years for our banner. I have no idea where I initially got the font, but I tried for quite some time to find it on the Web.
Winjama Banner and Font
Technology has progressed such that there are several places on the Net that if you can provide them a snippet of a font, they can make an educated guess as to what the font is and possibly where you might find it.

Such was the case with this one. I happened to luck out and pick myfonts.com to search for this one. It's called Matura MT Script Capitals, part of the Matura family of fonts, that is also available from MyFonts.

So, I have it, but my coding is weak enough anymore that I'm having a hard time getting the blog template and the font coding organized so that the font displays on the banner or header of the blog. Hence the white text you see now.

As for the bird, it will be back, sort of in the same position it is in the banner above, but first the font. It's always one thing or another, y'know?


  1. Step by step, Dave. Step by step. You are much fancier than I am - I just use whatever is available on blogger for free. I guess I am too cheap to buy a font! But I am happy to see you posting again! Cheers.

    1. Hi Wilma,

      Well, it just kinda grew on me... I certainly didn't think I would ever buy a font, and I probably wouldn't have if I had discovered Google Fonts before shelling out some simoleons for it.

      Google has about 600 excellent and FREE fonts for you to use. Kinda fun to experiment with them. It's good to be doing some posting too.

      BTW, I purchased 6 - 16" beach balls. They're coming down via Easy Shipping, etc. Can't wait to try them out on those little pests.


    2. Dennis counted 1300+ flies on one ball after 2 weeks! Hope they work for you. And hope Easy Shipping works for you too. We really like them as a company and personally.

    3. Hi Wilma,
      That's just an insane number. We don't have near that number - unless the blue balls are drawing them in from far and wide ;-). I guess that's why we went with the smaller balls. I'm really looking forward to trying them out.
      We've been using Amado and Cherry for some time now. They are very nice folks to deal with, and now that we have e-banking, totally painless to work with.
      I'll let you know our numbers after we get our balls hung up.


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