03 April, 2014

'X' Marks the Spot

Here's a little tidbit that's long, long overdue here in Corozal. How about an updated map showing where most of the stuff is located that is of interest to tourists and Noobs to our little town.
Corozal Town Map - Tourist Version
Corozal Town Map
Sure, there's probably stuff missing, but this is the first iteration of it. Some things that will probably be added in the future are the location of the little bakery annex where you can get sweet roles and such. Likewise, the little cafe at the Thunderbolt pier where you might be able to get a cup of coffee to go with that sweet roll - both open at 6:00 AM. The bakery is more consistent in it's opening times than the cafe.

There's other stuff too. Say you got a parking ticket in town. Where would you go to pay it? If you guessed the police station, you'd be wrong. I've heard that all that and more will be coming in future additions.

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