05 January, 2014

Christmas in January

Christmas did come twice this year. First, was at the normal time in December. I still don't understand what massive amounts of fireworks do - maybe it attracts his reindeer. In any case it seemed to work as everyone seemed to be happy after Christmas.

And then the second time. This morning I finally made it to the Post Office to check our mail. Jackpot! It was Christmas in January. We got cards from several friends up north, along with a couple of disks from our friends and Micro$oft, and a bonus. A cool Christmas card from my ( Secret Santa.

Below, it's easy to tell how excited I am (alright, maybe not) as I opened the mail box at the Corozal Post Office. It's really unusual to get such a fist full of mail.
Opening the Post Box
In case you didn't know, when we moved down here, all the junk mail stopped immediately (Yay!), which means, it's not unusual to go a whole month or more and not even have a cobweb in the box. So for this largess to suddenly appear, wow!'s Secret Santa sort of works this way. You can sign up to exchange cards or gifts with another Redditor (your Secret Santa), either in the same country you live in, or you can request someone to be your Secret Santa from some foreign country. Well, bless their little hearts, they picked someone from Canada for me. They probably were thinking that that was a good match being three-thousand-some-odd miles apart. Little did they know we used to live nestled right up next to Canada in Washington State. Oh, well. It was fun anyway.

My Secret Santa panned out. I got two cards, one, the usual kind of generic card everyone gets and the other, a custom-made one featuring, Napoleon Bonaparte, yes, ol' Boney himself, riding through the snow-covered Alps on his reindeer. How cool is that? I'm a fan of Napoleonic era history and fiction, so that was perfect. Plus, they included an Internet/blog related comic and a really nice letter telling us about themselves, their family, and where they live. A good experience all around.
Second Christmas
It's kind of a cool and nerdy way to get folks to reach out to each other. And it was fun to get a card from someone I didn't know at all.

If you haven't Reddited before, I recommend it. It's addictive.

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