11 November, 2013

That's Perfect, Print!

It's not every day one runs across an advertisement that damn near brings tears to one's eyes. This one by Belikin ( is one of those - and they didn't even need Sarah McLochlan in the ad.
Belikin - Do Work
The photography and music are simply amazing. It embodies just about everything we love about Belize and living in Belize. Whoever did the ad absolutely captured the essence of Belize. It really is a work of art.

In fact, there's a whole series of ads for Belikin that are just outstanding. Watch this one (the URL takes you directly to the ad on YouTube,) then when it's done, you'll be able to select from the others on the right-hand column.


JRinSC said...

Boy, with only 39 days to go that ad really hits home. I've only been to Belize twice but I have seen a number of the scenes in that film. It really puts the urge to come into high gear -- and I've still got to go through Thanksgiving before we come down.

Hope the street outside yur home gets one last top-dressing after the last major rain system comes through. Will all the loads of dirt they added they should just bring a motor grader and put the sides of the road back into the center!!


Anonymous said...

Below is the video that gets my vote for the Belize essence.
Don Squier

Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian and Don,

Top-Dressing, eh? Well, they better hurry, because the road bed and all the rock they dumped is beginning to sink once again. the Water's still there, but it's beginning to become deep once again. More rock, more rock, I say!

That video, although not touting Belikin, is just as moving. I like it too. All Good!