10 November, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Grab Bag

Sunday Morning Grab Bag - Just the usual accumulation (I can't even call it a collection) of detritus and debris that's moved and taken up residence from the last time I did one of these. It's always amazing how stuff just gets in there (my PC) and waits for something to happen, either relevant to the shot, in the case of photos, or some other magic chemistry in the case of text. Anyway, here's the latest selection of stuff that's been accumulating.

Another day another bunch of words spit out from the typewriter (well, the PC actually. I do use typewriter sounds most of the time to come close. It's a nostalgia thing). Sometimes it just seems to go so easily.

Well, we'll find out soon enough. I've got to finish outlining the story, and do some more work on characcters. That's mostly a process of discovery, wherever it lead me is where I go, sort of thing.

If this rain keeps up I'm going to have to be re-trained in use of the pool. Not that I'm complaining or anything. I know things could be worse. Just look down to Monkey River here in Belize. Check out Wilma's website the South Englishtown Gazette ( I tried posting the URL yesterday on our blog, but for some unknown reason, it didn't take. I got up there today. They've had like seven feet of rain in their village. That makes our one foot or so seem kinda paltry by comparison. Of course, then you can look over at the Philippines. Wow! A million or more homeless, maybe ten thousand or more dead? And, I used to do disasters for a living. Glad it's not my watch. Where would you even begin?

So, back to our patch here. From about 2:30 AM till now at 10:20 AM, it's done nothing but rain. It's either drizzling or coming down in buckets. Of course my weather station has picked now to go off-line. Well, one thing's for sure, I'm not climbing up on the roof of the pool house in this stuff to check it out. There's only so much that could have gone wrong with it. What I'm willing to bet on is that the rechargeable batteries in it haven't been able to be recharged by the solar cell charger on the unit. No freakin' sun to do the deed.

I've looked at the receiving unit on my desk and it looks like it's pulling in the data, so maybe the batteries out there aren't the problem. Maybe my USB hub that the receiver plugs into is on the fritz. I have been having problems with it lately. It might be time to think about a replacement hub. It is about five or six years old. Down here, I think that makes it about nine or ten in electronics parts years. Humidity and heat tend to kill anything in short order that runs electrons through itself.

You know what? I just realized this is Sunday. I've got the laundry in the washing machine, breakfast is done, dishes done and put away... I'm at loose ends. It's time for another Sunday Morning Grab Bag. By the time I kick this out the door, it'll be a Sunday Afternoon Grab Bag. That's why I don't wear a watch, isn't it?

Having said that, I feel much better about this posting. It felt disjointed from the beginning, so that's perfect for a grab bag.

I wonder what I've got for photos to put up? I just took a couple of minutes to peruse some that I've accumulated on the new PC. A lot of old ones that weren't categorized or otherwise filed, got lost in the shuffle of moving to a new machine. That's what happens sometimes.

This one just below was taken on walkies with the girls, as we do most mornings when it's not raining and the road is dry enough to get through. I like the photo, but it just doesn't do justice to the real McCoy. It was real and it was spectacular, to steal a phrase from Seinfeld.
Sunrise on Corozal Bay
At the intersection we used to call Cannon Corners, now it's just the intersection by Prosser's, there's a family right beside the little creek there who raise geese. The geese have had several hatchings in the time they've been there. Here's the latest. Mama (or Mother Goose?) has brought the little ones down to the creek's edge and getting them to swim.
Taking the Kids For A Swim
Shooting the pelicans is always one of my favorites. Maybe because even in flight, they move so slow. Anyway, I thought this one was just right. Not bad for just a point and shoot kinda photographer.
 Fisherman's Landing
Here's something I think should be done more in the US. Remembrance Day, Veteran's Day, whatever you want to call it, wearing a poppy is a simple reminder of the sacrifice of many for what we hold dear. It's seldom seen in the States, or Belize, for that matter.
I Wish This Was More Respected in the States
And here's something that shouldn't be seen here or anywhere. Last I thought I knew, the law required effluvia emanating from a septic tank to be sent to a drain field. This restaurant has apparently taken the short route by just sending it to the adjacent storm drainage ditch, which incidentally empties into Corozal Bay right beside the swimming area of the restaurant's day resort. Yummy!
Septic Drain
And, last but not least, I saw this posted on I didn't even know there was such a thing.
A Fitting Name
OK. That's it for this edition of the Grab Bag.



Vivien said...

I'm shocked that Remembrance Day is not widely acknowledged in the US. Here in Canada there are services at major locations and even at Cenotaphs in small communities at the eleventh hour of the 11th month each year. The Royal Canadian Legion has a poppy campaign and the pin on poppies are widely available at almost any business you go into. Money received from the donations go to support programs for the veterans.
The public schools have a Remembrance Day service at the school a few days before the 11th of Nov each year. If you go to any Canadian news program you will see all the host wearing poppies. At 1100h (Ottawa time) tomorrow an outdoor service takes place on Parliament Hill and then re-broadcast at 1100h in all Canadian time zones.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Vivien,

I deleted my first comment... left out an important word - d

That's what I'm talking about. In the US, we seem to go out of our way to [NOT] acknowledge the sacrifice. It almost seems as though we as a country are ashamed of having had a military role. I only remember one or two stores with any sort of a poppy display, much less any veteran's groups selling them, and certainly no one from the media or politicians, etc., displaying or wearing poppies.