17 November, 2013

Just Playing Some Wee Games

Yesterday Dianna and I had once again cancelled our Friday Pool Party. and we were at loose ends, as they say. We didn't have a clue what we were going to do, when out of the the blue, Colleen emailed us and said we could come over and play some Wii games with them and that she had invited David and Elizabeth, the same.

I was going to go into some long drawn-out thing about 'wee' games vs 'Wii' games, but it got to be too involved and confusing, so you'll have to insert your own bit. I'm just going to stick to the title and this paragraph.

Elizabeth answered Colleen's email and said she was going to bring some fancy-dancey shredded stew meat concoction (you know how those chefs are). So, since we had said that we'd come, we felt guilt could rear it's ugly head if we didn't bring something. Dianna had some yummy real chocolate chip brownies with pineapple chips added in. I had to go to New World to get some supplies and while there, I picked up a package of largeish rolls that would pass as dinner rolls... Close enough anyway.
With the addition of a cooler full of Belikin, we felt fully qualified to take part in this fest.
We got over to Colleen and Bruce's right around 11:30 AM, just after Elizabeth and David had gotten there. Parking behind their Isuzu, we gathered our cooler, packages of brownies and rolls and made it to the Steege side door.
In their sun room, and with the rain just pelting down, it reminded me of a movie I saw years ago with, I think Peter Lorre and Humphrey Bogart. No idea what the name of it was. All I remember is that the characters were sitting in a thatch-roofed bar that had bamboo walls, and they were all wearing khaki safari-type clothing with huge sweat stains on their shirts (something we never have happen here), and the monsoon rain was just bucketing down outside the bar.
Dianna and Colleen Chatting in Colleen's Sun Room
If we'd have been wearing our safari outfits, we'd have fit right in. Perhaps. Although we were no more sweaty than usual, which was not much. We had gotten together because the weather was still too sh*tty to have our Friday Pool Party and the pool was barely 80°(f). So, what else is one to do?
Elizabeth, David, and Bruce in Bruce's Sun Room
We shouldered our verbal cannons and shot the bull and the breeze several times, while Elizabeth heated up rice and shredded meat that she and David had brought. In short order we had all consumed one or two Belikins, and then it was time to eat.
Elizabeth and David Getting Lunch Ready
A couple of helpings of everything later, we were all feeling sated and ready for some action. We headed into the living room and watched Bruce and David trying to configure the Wii system. This ritual seemed to consist mainly of laying the controller (cryptically called a 'Nunchuk') on the floor so that it mysteriously linked or something with the controller unit and then we were ready to play.
Two at a time, we took turns hacking at each other with swords. The whole gamescape on the large TV looked like some sort of weird comic book layout. We worked out, swinging our arms with abandon, destroying our opponent, or at least wanting to.
Colleen and Elizabeth Wii Sword Fighting
When it came to my turn, the playing field was actually a circular platform, about six or so feet across and suspended about 20-feet above some water. The system gives you some sort of countdown and you have to bring your Claymore or rapier or cutlass or whatever, to salute, then you start swinging with abandon.
For whatever reason, and I still don't have a clue why, I seemed to last about three or four hearty swings and then, there I was flying through the air with the greatest of ease, only to splash into the water below. This happened every time I battled with David. It didn't seem to matter what I tried. Sometimes, it only lasted for one swing and I was swan-diving once again. Stupid, stupid game.
Next up, we tried bowling. That was mostly the ladies giving that one a go.
Dianna Going For It
You actually had to impart a good deal of body English to the 'ball' as you swung your nunchuck. Players had to make sure they had their wrist straps fastened so that they didn't inadvertently let go of the nunchuck.
Bruce and David Wii Bowling
After bowling, It was time for tennis. I didn't know we all were so athletically inclined. Doubles tennis was tried, but we found out that really required much more room for 'free-swinging' than Colleen's living room allowed for.
Gearing Up To Play Wii Tennis
Is It Going Out?
Singles tennis was much easier to play in a living room. And not nearly as confusing for the participants as well as the spectators, I must say.
Now It's Singles Tennis
Playing Wii Tennis
Next, we tried a water slalom course with PWCs (personal water craft) or jet skis. It was, as near as I could determine, more of a solitary sport. Each player raced against the clock to complete the course.
Turns out, for some reason, I was actually pretty good at driving my jet ski. Surprised myself no end on that.
Each of these games were physical in their own way. Some more than others. And they were good at raising stress levels of those playing too. It didn't take too long and most of us were complaining of sore arms and shoulders.

Colleen and Bruce's doggies even got into the act. Of course, they're feeling as much frustration because of the incessant rain as we have, so they release their pent-up energies in typical dog fashion.
Pearl and Sherman Playing
After driving the boats for a bit, Bruce and David brought up the golfing game. I headed back into the kitchen and relaxed with the ladies.

No photos of boat driving, but how about a nice shot of Sherman?
Sherman Saying Hi
Amazingly, the afternoon zipped by rather quickly. Before we knew it, 4:00 PM had come and gone. We wanted to get home before dark, so that we could still see all the potholes on the highway and thread our way through the extreme water and rock hazards that make up our road.
We thanked Bruce and Colleen for hosting a very enjoyable afternoon and headed out to our Isuzu. The rain had slacked off to a drizzle, which was nice. Getting through town wasn't so much, as the potholes are bad enough, but the late afternoon seems to bring out everyone who wants to walk on the highway. which leaves you very little room to avoid potholes. We finally made it back to Casa Winjama, where the doggies and kitties were literally overjoyed to see us. I dunno, maybe they thought with the rain and all, that we had left and abandoned them to their fate.
After feeding everyone, it wasn't all that long, and we were headed to bed ourselves.

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