25 August, 2013

Another Sunday Morning Grab Bag (Part Two)

This part of the Sunday Morning Grab Bag is all about Dianna's garden and her helpers, like Deohgee here, who's not completely sure about the camera.
Deohgee Keeping Guard
It just amazes me that I can have so much material just slip through my fingers. I'll chalk it up to olfartitis, I guess.

Here's Dianna weeding in one of four raised beds that I designed and had Carlos build for her.
Dianna Tending Her Crops
It's still early in the season here. There's stuff that hasn't even come up yet.
Cucumbers and Lettuce
Carrots and Radishes
Dianna Looking After the Peppas
Lettuce and Stuff
Of course, Mr. Nelson is covering the lover parts of the garden.
Nelson Helping

Radishes and Stuff
For some reason, the dogs and the cats all like to rub against the firecracker bush. It must make a good back-scratcher, even though I've tried it with my hands, but it doesn't do much for me.
Secret Scratching With the Firecracker Bush

Ok. Well, that's the end of both parts of the Grab Bag. Now it's time for lunch, and maybe a quick dip in the ol' pool.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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