29 June, 2013

It's Spreading

When I wrote the posting 'Have Milk... Lately?', I more or less imagined this problem of the lids was localized to Mexico and Belize. Little did I know the carton manufacturers, the pour spout manufacturers, and the board rooms of countless corporations from here in Belize to Canada, yes, Canada, those nice people up north, and probably worldwide are being put to hazard by these companies

Thanks to our friends Vivien and Denis, who are up in Canada right now, for providing this photo of an apple juice carton. I'm curious as to just what this 'tamper proof band' might be.
Canadian Apple Juice Carton
 But, it does prove that this issue is far larger than just our little corner of the world.
I'm sure the companies will all say it's more convenient for the consumer, totally ignoring the consumer safety aspects of the issue. You know what I'll bet it is? I'll bet that these new toothed cap assemblies are cheaper to produce, sell, and install than the old 'ring-type' caps. So, I'm betting it's all about money. That's all it ever is. Look at it world-wide, it's probably saving millions on a daily basis, without any thought being given to the consumer. Why should the corporations care? We're locked in and have to buy pretty much any old POS the corporations want us to take - especially if it saves them money.

So, drink up. What's your health in the greater scheme of things?

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