27 March, 2013

Just a Sleepy Little Village

You don't mind if I start at the present and work my way back, do you? Ah, good. I didn't think you would.

So, let's get started.

Have you ever read one of those mystery novels that maybe take place in a seaside New England village? It's the end of the tourist season, and the only folks left are a few quirky locals who are all above suspicion.

Suspicion. Well, what happened? Oh, didn't I mention there had been a murder? Well, there had been. A typically neat and tidy one too. Not much in the way of clues. Sure, there's other weirdness too.

The colorful New England hardwood trees are beginning to lose their leaves, and as they do so, they simultaneously begin to morph into various types of palms. The brisk and slightly salty fall air, typical of seaside New England villages, also begins to morph, as things do in dreams... What? I forgot to mention that this is a dream too? Where's my head nowadays? Anyway, it is a dream... I think. Only, it's beginning to look a lot like here. Here being Corozal.

The weather's weird. One day, in fact just a couple of days ago, the temperature was in the upper nineties with the humidity to match. And that evening, it morphs into a cooling... a bit lower... a brisk and chilly night. The next day, it's still chilly, but then begins to swing the other way. By mid afternoon, it's positively hot.

And it continues on into the evening, when the breeze kicks in and suddenly sucks the heat out of everything, enough that we've thrown a blanket onto the bed just before we go to sleep. This is the reality part here, not the dream. Isn't it? I'm not so sure anymore.

Well, to be sure, lots of folks have departed for the season. Some just this morning, some tomorrow morning. Soon, we'll be back to only filling one or two tables at the Friendship Luncheon instead of an SRO crowd at the Purple Toucan.

If this was a actual tourist town, we'd see the beer prices drop back down to, say, two-fifty a Belikin. Alright, I can settle for three- or three-fifty.
Nelson Enjoying A Cool One
Thanks for the photo, Colleen. It turned out perfect. I bet you were wondering how I was going to fit it into the story. Now you know.

Now that I've had this brainstorm, I'll publish it and get to bed. I've got doggies to walk in the morning, and lots more to tell you about and a few pictures along the way.


JRinSC said...

Sorry to hear about the death of your laptop Dave. I can just imagine how quickly the salt air works on the little bugger's insides!

Was it repairable - or more importantly - is there anyone within reach that can repair them? How about in Chetumal?

Does anyone have iPads down there? Just wondering how they would hold up since there isn't any airflow through the unit. I just got my first iPad for my birthday and it is a whole different way of computing... that is for sure.

Take care,


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,
Y'know, it's the weirdest thing. I found a way online to repair it.
1. Turn it off.
2. Unplug the power cord.
3. Remove the battery.
4. Press the on/off button and hold it in for 60 seconds.
5. Then, you can either plug it in without the battery, and it'll work, or
Replace the battery and plug it in, and it'll work.

Whatever causes the problem is still there, but it's a good, temporary work around.

I've seen a few iPads and such down here. They probably rust out as fast as anything else. I've resigned myself to having to replace computers about every three years.

I'm amazed my HP 5-in-one printer is still working. It's much cheaper to operate now that I reload my own ink cartridges. $5.00 to reload a BW cartridge vs. $60.00 as an example.

All's well that ends well.


Dari Bartz said...

Dear Dave and Dianna, Just want to say how much we enjoy reading your blog. Sometimes I pass you in the morning walking two little white dogs that I wish were as well behaved as your pack. We currently reside in the HiLo camper parked at Mr. Menzie's campground. Hope your Easter holiday has been nice. We are Dari and David Bartz

JRinSC said...

Looks like the work-around didn't go as well as we might have hoped. Anyhow, hope all is well with you and it is just gremlins (and salt) in the 'tubes..


Mr. Pancho said...

Dave, I don't know how to contact you other than the blog. I'm going to be in Belize at the end of the month, spending 3 days in Corozal. I'm a new land owner just north of town and seriously considering the menonite house. Any way I could pop by? I'll be in Corozal the 27th-leaving in the moring of the 30th.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Mr. Pancho,

My apologies for missing your comment. I certainly didn't do it intentionally. If you're back in town, feel free to drop by.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Dari and David,

I'm sorry I missed you. Next time you see me, holler at me.