06 November, 2012

Another Mouth To Feed

Unfortunately, it's already all over Facebook (as reported to us by Vivien), so it's not exactly 'breaking news' at this point, unless, like me you either terminated your Facebook account or mercifully, never had one.

We have a new family member. His name is Nelson (after either Nelson Mandela or Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, take your pick).
His Lordship
Nelson's about five or six weeks old. He came to us by way of being unceremoniously thrown out of a car window along with three other kittens and their mother right in front of Julie. Julie immediately stopped, blocking traffic both ways on the road. Assisted by a kindly bus driver, she managed to rescue two of the kittens. The others didn't survive.

I'm a little shaky on the specifics here, but somehow, Julie got the two kittens up to Dr. Sheila for an initial exam, worming, flea treatment and all the usual for a first visit to the Doc, then she made it over to Colleen and Bruce's, where David and Elizabeth became new parents of one of the kittens and we became parents of the other.

Julie had called us and invited us to come over to Colleen's to have a look. I was a little reluctant at first, but then Colleen sent this photo, which kind of began the process of 'sealing the deal', if you get my drift. Dianna had taken the call, and just based on what she said from her end of the conversation, I got the feeling that she was more than open to the suggestion... Strange how that always seems to work, isn't it?
I Detect An Attitude Already
Anyway, he's already started bonding with April (she is now just growling at him instead of hissing), and the big girls have already sniffed at him and give us looks like "Again? We just went through this with the first one, and now we have to repeat it?" Well, they knew it was going to be tough when they took the job.

So, for now, Nelson's doing a lot of napping, eating, and chewing on our fingers and toes. He already knows where the litter box is, and what it's for. He knows where his bed is, and he is fast becoming a lap kitty. He's a good snuggler. For Nelson, things are looking up. For us too.

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