06 August, 2012

It's Gonna Be A Hurricane... No, Wait A Tropical Storm.. No, Wait...

Hunker in the Bunker. No, wait. You can relax. No, better hunker...
Ernesto - Now He Wants To Be A Hurricane
Thanks to the National Hurricane Center for the image above, and for the good work they do. I get obsessed this time of year - looking at every message and map that they produce. I'm so glad they look our for our area too. I really appreciate it. But, I'm digressing, aren't I?

I'm beginning to think Ernesto doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. Or maybe he just has ADD (apparently, he's not the only one).

Lack of focus on the task at hand. "Hey! Ernesto. Pay attention here. There's people watching you."

You're out there just playing in the warm Caribbean waters, listening to some fine Reggae - especially since you're passing Jamaica. But, you gotta concentrate, man. One thing or the other. You can't just let things wander all over the place. Next thing you know, people'll start thinkin' you drool some too. That can't be good.

You want them to think you're sharp, don'tcha? Sure you do. Focus, focus, focus.

We dutifully took down our awning fabric. Now, within an hour of taking the awning down, the pool temperature zoomed up to 91 (f). We were just about ready to bring stuff down to the pool house, which is serving as our hurricane bunker, when I checked the latest charts. Nope. It's back to a storm, so we can sort of relax (not forgetting the shellacking Arthur gave us a couple of years ago).

I get up this morning, check things out. Whoops, we're back to being hit by a hurricane. So, my schedule for today, now, is to put up the plywood over the louvers, move the important stuff down to the pool house, make sure everything loose is nailed down, put away, or some how gotten rid of, just so we have fewer opportunities for wayward missiles and such. This includes chopping the coconuts off the trees. You just don't need these cannonballs flying around if you don't have to.

I don't think from the map, that Ernesto's going to make much of a hurricane, but still, a hurricane's a hurricane. Know what I'm saying? Sustained winds of 74 to 110 miles-per-hour and higher gusts. Yeh, cannonballs and scrap wood and other crap that wasn't nailed down. Who needs it?

I think I may roll the dice and not take down the weather station. I'm curious to see what the actual wind speeds will be, so I'll tempt fate with that. Satellite dishes? Hmmm. I'll wait and see till later today.

In the meantime, I've got more than enough stuff to do to keep myself busy and focused.


JRinSC said...

I'm off visiting friends in TN and away from my computer so I haven't been following your lastest storm very closely.

Here's hoping it remains just a storm and passes you by with just a rough few hours and all stays well. My luck just held with the latest Mars Rover so I'm betting you guys will be alright too...

Take very good care,


Anonymous said...

murphy's law... i just had a bunch of fruit trees planted at my place in ranchito last week... think i'll be planting again pretty quick

Dave Rider said...

Hi Any Mouse,

You knew that Murph was an optimist, right?


Anonymous said...

Hey, haven't talked to y'all in a while. Thought I'd check in tonight and tell you to take care. Thinking of you. Ramona

Dave Rider said...

Hey Ramona,

It seems like ages. Thanks for checking in. We appreciate it.

Did you know the Mandalay is sailing again?

We'll write after the storm.

Dave and Dianna

JRinSC said...

As of now(7:30 pm EDT)it appears that the storm is indeed going to go north of you by, I hope, enough to spare you much damage... great news!

Here's hoping I am right and that nothing changes in the next few hours.

Good luck to you two,