10 June, 2012

So, How Are Those Planter Tables?

Just fine, thank you. The first one is now done. It is a slow project, because, remember, Carlos only works on it one day a week. And there are times when we side-track him to work on something else for his workday. Anyway progress is being made.
First Table Is Completed
This first table has a depth of about two feet, so it'll be suited for veggies like carrots and other root crops (we hope). It'll be interesting to see what actually will grow well and what won't.
Second Table Supports Are Completed
Above, you can see the completed supports for the second table. They go one block higher, so the box itself will be one block shorter, making a shallower planting area.
Deeohgee Checking Under The Table

Here you can see the depth of the first planter box. There's also some open area under the table, which we'll try to keep free of weeds and other debris, giving snakes, etc., fewer hiding places in our garden.
Deeohgee Inspecting the Table Support
 Deeohgee is helping me shoot the pictures by pointing out the support detail for the planter box. Notice the texture Carlos applied on the outside - it matches that of the main house downstairs, the guest house and the pool pump house.
Inside of Planter Box
This seems ready made for Halloween. It looks like the interior of Dracula's coffin. Although, once filled with dirt and veggies, it should be far less sinister.
Three of Five Drain Holes
Drainage of the boxes is a concern. I put in five half-inch drain holes in the bottom. I hope it's enough. I had to bail about 5-inches of water before I could start drilling. I'm also going to build a square wood frame on legs to sit in the planter. The box will have half-inch screen on it so we can sieve the black dirt as we put it into the planter, hopefully getting rid of sticks, stones, and other debris as we put the dirt into the planter.
Block Pyramid Waiting To Be Used
 Here's the remaining blocks that will be used for the remaining three planter beds. I hope there's not a lot of blocks left over. They tend to migrate all  over the place and get used as stools and eventually, as they break, just become little debris piles.


JRinSC said...

Hey Dave,

Got a good tip for you on the planters. Put a coffee filter over the holes before you fill with dirt and it will help stop them from plugging up. I have a gardening friend next door who always puts them at the bottom of her clay pots and swears by the practice.

Looking good on them by the way!


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

Thanks for the idea. I'm hoping to be able to find some weed cloth, but if I can't the filters should make a good substitute.

If the rain lets up long enough, Carlos will cast the floor of the second one this Friday.

Likewise, I'm hoping to get a sieve made so I can run the black dirt through it as we fill the boxes. Then we should be good to go.

I still need to move a yard faucet into the shade house for convenient watering. All in good time.