12 May, 2012

First One of the Season!

Well, we knew it was bound to happen sometime or other. Here it is, May 12, and this just showed up in my mail box:
05/12/2012 01:40 PM EDT

GovDelivery, Inc. (800-439-1420) sending on behalf of the National Weather Service · 1325 East West Highway · Silver Spring, MD 20910
You can get your very own Weather Blast'O'Gram, or whatever they call it, emailed to you during the season (they cease automatically during the rest of the year) by going to: ( and entering your subscription information.

I emailed it to several friends. It's a nice easy start to our hurricane season down here (which runs from June 1st through November 30th of each year) as a reminder that that time of year is fast approaching.

We've started preparations already - removing various bits of wood and other crap from the property so we lessen the chance of missles flying around; making sure that things that shouldn't fly are tied down; and remembering to be ready to put the plywood up on the burglar bars and being ready to remove the pool awning... All that sort of stuff that becomes second nature after a couple of weeks but is hard to remember when the season first comes on us.

You might want to take a gander at our Hurricane Preparedness Checklist ( - it's our hurricane disaster plan. It'll give you a good idea of what we do preparedness-wise throughout the season. But, here's the big tip - don't just copy ours... Take it and make it your own. Modify everything/anything in it to fit your situation - add stuff we've forgotten, delete stuff that doesn't pertain to you. Make it work for you.

You might want to visit ( and download Andy Ladner's Hurricane Monitor gadget for Windows. I use it year-round and find it's an indispensable tool. It's free and works really well, plus, it takes up minimal real estate on your desktop. Andy and I've corresponded several times over the past few years as he was developing this gadget. He really listens. It's a great gadget and the price is right too.

Stay safe and have a great hurricane season!

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