27 April, 2012

Photos of the Kid

For the past few years, I've used only a 'front pocket' wallet - which makes it tough to lug around a bunch of photos of the family and especially our new little girl, April.

You'll just have to pretend that I've cornered you by the water cooler and involved you in a conversation about our new little bundle of joy. Oh, and did I mention I have a few photos of her. Wanna see 'em?
Wondering What I'm Up To
Now She's More Curious
And Thinking About Attacking
But That'd Take Too Much Energy
Trying Out Her New Bed
Now, That's Living
So, whadd'ya think? A cutie, huh? Whoops. Here comes the boss. Gotta run.



Houseboatwayne said...

I'm a cat person. Never get tired of pictures.

Lion Lady said...

April looks like she fit in to her new household. Lucky Cat.