10 April, 2012

Another Sunday Morning Grab Bag - On a Tuesday

My Father-in-law emailed me the other day to report 'he had bought an Iphone4S. But, after trying it for a month he had returned it. It was much too intellectually intensive. Solitaire was more his speed.'

What you might not know, is that he's eighty-four. Not that that's a bad thing, especially as I too advance in years. He also still rides a motorcycle and has been known to go for some marathon rides.

Well, as Clint Eastwood said, "A man's got to know his limitations."

Here's a thing I saw on ( yesterday evening and I had sent it to the Corozal Men's Group.
Here's something that would be a great hurricane season preparedness item ( The video explains a lot. Ignore the fact that they look like a poor-man's Bob and Doug Mackenzie.
I'm thinking of buying one for Dianna and myself. If we get whacked this season by a hurricane, a week or so without current will make cellphones and MP3 players die in hurry. Now, if it could only make ice, you'd really have something.

Speaking of hurricanes and communications... Does anyone know if the cell towers in Belize have generators as part of their setup? At least, those up in the northern part of the country. And, the follow-on question, how long does their fuel supply last? I mean, if there's no fuel being delivered, when do the cell tower generators die? Then we're right back where we would be with not much. Well, if we had the PowerPot, we'd at least have something hot to drink and could listen to the tunes on our iPods. See? It's all good.

And speaking of cool stuff, I saw a program on the tube (the TV-tube, not the inter-tubes, this time). I think the name was simply 'Quirky'. It's about a company helping inventors develop their inventions and market them. Well, their website has a whole bunch of really cool gadgets and stuff. Worth checking out at least once. I'm thinking the barbecue caddy thing just might be a good thing. Hmm, is that because the focus of the program was, in part, about the inventor trying to develop this thing to make her hubbies barbecue problems easier to deal with? I wonder.

Back to the stairs for the garden again. Here's the shots I neglected before. I tried uploading them yesterday, but it was taking entirely too long. So, this morning... Someone must have greased the tubes.
Garden Stairs Taking Shape
Obviously, these were taken a while ago. The stone columns aren't even up nor is the shade house.
Carlos Pouring Concrete
Carlos also added a walkway that curves to the right at the bottom of the photo (you have to use your imagination here).
Looking Good
Ok. That's it for another edition of the Grab Bag.


Anonymous said...

WOW 84! I just taugh my Aunt who is 74 how to use a cell phone this past year and now she is on to the computer! It has been so much fun teaching her new things since this is a person who still writes checks, and whos home cordless phone has a expandable metal antena! I love our elderly people they have sooooo much to teach us and we can teach them as well! I can only hope that when I am 84 I will get back on my motorcycle and hopefully be upgraded to a smart phone!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Anymouse,

Even though I do pay a few bills and other things electronically, we still live and die with check writing down here - and I'd venture to say, that's probably very common among expats in any third world country, especially Belize.

The speed technology changes, we'll have 'em imbedded one way or another. You'll just think your thoughts to make a call.

Hope you enjoy the blog and thanks for the comment.