21 March, 2012

The Next, Next Step

Well, I finally got one fourteen-foot length of tubing over to Vasco for them to attempt the bend. Their 'maestro' did a very creditable job. I was impressed. I took two more lengths over to them yesterday, intending to pick them up yesterday, but as things do, plans changed. I picked them up today. Yesterday, we headed off to Orange Walk as Dianna had another appointment with the dermatologist, Dr. Peter Craig, which went well. Goes without saying that we did lunch at Nahil Mayab.

The tubing, once bent, actually seems longer than when I took it in. Must be one a them 'optacular collusion' kinda things (Many thanks to comedian Norm Crosby, the 'Master of Malaprop' for helping me understand that English is a language made for playing with). I used to enjoy seeing him on the tube when I was a young kid.
Bent Poles Arrive On-Scene
Back to the topic at hand here. Well, sort of. At least another digression. Yesterday, I took a pair of Keen sandals over to the shoe repairing shop in Ranchito, to have the rear strap re-sewn. It was about one thread away from breaking. I picked them up on our way to Orange Walk. I have a new pair of Keens. I don't like them near as much as my old ones. They don't seem to stretch correctly. I think the fabric they edged the elastic with doesn't stretch near enough. Anyway, I only made it for a short walk this morning wearing the new ones. The dang things wore a hole in my left middle (bird?) toe. Went right to the hole stage, bypassing the blister altogether. That's what they make bandages (or sticking plasters, as the Brits say), right?

Speaking of Brits... I watched the Queen give her address to both houses of parliament to officially open the celebration of her diamond jubilee. Very nice speech for an 85-year old broad. Both houses also got her a nice present to celebrate the event - a very large stained and leaded glass window of her coat of arms installed in Westminster Hall. The Duke was looking quite good too, considering he's 91-years old and just recently underwent heart surgery. I'd like to see her make it to her platinum jubilee. No British monarch's ever done that before.

As long as I'm going all over the place... How about those Cubs, huh? This could be the year, folks.  Course, it might be a long stretch with the way they're playing in Spring Training. But, "Hope springs eternal" somebody famous once said. Go Cubs!

Here's an interesting item. Doug and Twyla, neighbors of ours just up the street, sent this picture to me the other day. They have a new arrival.
Doug and Twyla's New Pineapple
Yes, that's right. They've grown a pineapple. It looks pretty cool. Hopefully it will be able to reach maturity and they'll get to enjoy the 'fruits' of their labors.

Last and hopefully not least, this was my 800th post to the blog. I think I'm supposed to say say something like "I can't believe I've done 800 posts!" But that wouldn't be true. I do know I've done 800 posts, but not in a tired or burnt-out way. Just an acknowledgement that blogging has become something I do, like getting dressed in the morning, or better yet, that first cup of coffee in the morning. That gives me a jolt and usually, I get a jolt from writing the blog.

Oh sure, if I was really with it, five years of doing the blog has the potential for over 1,800 posts. Obviously, I've fallen asleep at the wheel a time or two (by the way, that's the name of a great West Texas Swing Band. If you ever get the chance to see them, don't pass it up). Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it.

All for now.


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