21 February, 2012

Ten Years On

We met on a Windjammer Barefoot Cruises cruising aboard the S/V Mandalay. One or two additional Mandalay cruises helped cement the relationship. At least some of the group have been able to get together periodically. This week is the first time in  more than five years that the whole group has been together.

Mr. Peabody set the Way-Back Machine for this photo. Although it's the group's tenth anniversary, this photo only dates from April 2005. My, what a youthful crowd.
Eternal-8 on St. Lucia - Then
And here we are now. This photo was taken just two days ago. Again, my, what a youthful crowd

Going by the photo below, it's Roy and Pam, George and Judy, Lori and Dean, and Dianna and Dave.
Eternal-8 on Ambergris Caye - Now

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