28 February, 2012

The Fixin' Begins

This afternoon Dianna and I were out and about. We started off at Corozo Blue's (http://corozoblues.com/) for pizza and beer with Doug and Twyla, to thank them for looking after the house and girls while we were on vacation. As usual, the pizza was delicious and done to a turn in their wood-fired pizza oven. Yummers!

From there, we did a couple of other minor chores, sending off a letter at the post office, checking a sewing project at Alek the Tailor's (I know it's spelled with an 'x' in the index. Trust me, the 'k's' right - d), trying to find the new Chiropractor in town (no luck there), and finally, stopping at Corozal International Airstrip just as the 3:20 PM Tropic Air flight from San Pedro touched down.

I went in the terminal building (what's the term for just up from a shed?) and after a couple of minutes, here come's my package in from Island Pool Supplies.
What Just Flew In From San Pedro
I know what my morning project will be tomorrow. Get that thing fixed so Huey can do his thing and we can get in the water!

That's about it for today. I have to make my rounds and secure everything.


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