15 January, 2012

A Sunday Morning Grab Bag - On a Sunday No Less

Hoo, boy! Talk about being on the ball. It's been quite a while since I've done one of these Grab Bag postings, and the fact that it'll actually be posted on a Sunday morning, just gets one all a-quiver, y'know?

We're going to do it a tad different today. Starting with the most recent item and work our way back and we'll see just how far we get.

Right out of the bag is one of the new restaurants here in Corozal. La Louisianne, on  Seventh Avenue (Northern Highway), where Club Malibu used to be. Well, what can I say? I had written earlier with some hopes of Cajun cuisine. Near as I can tell, that'd be one dish on the menu, which is on the wall right outside their front door. We haven't eaten there as yet. Might give breakfast a try.
La Louisianne's Menu
I took both of these shots yesterday morning during 'walkies'. I was struck by the near silhouette presented by the guys here hauling wet concrete up a home-made ladder, two straight flights up to the roof. Keep in mind that a five gallon bucket of wet concrete weighs on the order of 100 or more pounds. And this is a fairly large building, making for a big pour. A lot of hours going up and down, up and down.
Two Flights Straight Up
This next one looks rather strange. Believe it or not, it's the newest boat launching ramp in Corozal. I'll take some more detailed photos of it when I pass by after the sun has come up. For now, I was quite taken with the jumbled look in the pre-dawn earliness. Looks like something got bombed to smithereens.
The New Boat Ramp
This long stretch of mauve, violet, aubergine, purple, or whatever you want to call it, is Dianna's pride and joy - at least when it's in bloom. It's garlic vine. The leaves and the flowers do have a definite garlic smell, but it doesn't produce any garlic. Dang it, and we love garlic too. Sure is gorgeous when you walk by. Unfortunately, now the flowers are going away, but for the month or so that they are here it's a great sight to see.
Garlic Vine Blooming
Now, this little devil, looks like he's under water, right? Well, he is! This is Huey, our automatic pool vacuum. He's named after the little 'droids' in the movie 'Silent Running' with Bruce Dern. Thanks to Vivien (our across the street neighbor) for bringing down the great eyes and foam material for the eyebrows.

I glued them on with silicone adhesive. Don't they just look terrifying? Huey loves to attack toes whenever they're on the pool bottom.
Huey's New Look
This shot is taken in the vicinity of the Hokol Kin Guesthouse. I thought the Visitor Center clock tower (which is being rehabbed) and the sunrise made a nice shot. the bright lights are the huge spots that light up the basketball court on the far side, right next to the Thunderbolt pier.
Pre-Dawn Down Town
This mural is on one of the little traffic islands at the intersection formerly known as 'Cannon Corners'. Basically, at the intersection where White Saphire Gifts and Technicell Cell Phone Repair are located. I'd like to get a better shot of it one of these days. I'll just have to take time to do that.
Updated Sign
Every now and then, we get RV's (recreational vehicles, for those who don't know) who come to town, stop along the waterfront for a day or two and then move on. Most seem to be doing rather extensive journeys, like Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to Barrow, Alaska or something equally strenuous. This one, looked like it had a lot of DIY modifications to it. I don't have a clue where they were from/bound. At the time of day I pass by most of the time, I'm sure the occupants wouldn't be inclined to engage me in conversation. I mean, they haven't even started their coffee pots yet.
Staying Along The Waterfront
Ok. Well, I guess that's about it for this session. If I find more of interest, I'll see about getting it up here on the Intertubes.

Till then, Cheers

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