24 August, 2011

Reason Number 721 And Counting

Just thought I'd post another example of why we live here.

I shot this just this morning during walkies. I was on the northern end of the seawall by Menzie's Caribbean Village here in Corozal.
Sunrise Swim
What a way to start the day! Three young men having a sunrise swim, the sun just rising above the misty horizon, and the silhouetted palm trees. I just had to stop and take the shot. I'm almost never without my camera. Of course, sometimes, I go to shoot and all I get is a message 'Replace Batteries'. That didn't happen today.

We see stuff like this just about every morning. Scenes like this help lessen the pain of the past couple of months immeasurably. Sunrises like this never fails to take your breath away with the beauty and grandeur. The 'golden hour' has come through again.

Even in the afternoons, the incredibly beautiful white-on-white cloud formations against the bluest of blue skies is simply astounding. Of course, it's even more of a bonus then 'cause we're lounging in our pool, holding ice-cold Belikins.

I thought it worthwhile to share with you. You know, if you play your cards right, you too can see this sort of stuff day in and day out, without having to wait for vacation time... Just a thought.


JRinSC said...

I'll know you guys are in trouble when you start one of these posts with "Great way to have your first Belikin of the day... a great sunrise!"



Dave Rider said...

Hey Julian, it's five o'clock somewhere...

ajbaxter said...

The best time of day!

JRinSC said...

Reminds me... at our old beach house at Pawleys Island off (the coast of South Carolina on the "Grand Strand") we had a great clock in the kitchen.. the only number on it was a 5 (twelve of 'em) - it was always 5 o'clock on that beach!

I have tried to incorporate that approach in my new patio home -- so far it is working out just fine!


Dave Rider said...