21 August, 2011

Everything's Back To Normal

Sun's out, breeze should be blowing, but it's calm and hot. Our window plywood has been stowed for the next emergency, and the pool awning has been unfurled and is keeping the deck relatively cool.

Even the resident iguanas are out sunning themselves - and driving the dogs crazy.
They're Baaaack!
I caught this fellow just coming up onto the dock this morning. He doesn't look any the worse for wear. They've had a rough go of it lately. Several canal-side lots were leveled, so there were dozers disturbing their burrows (assuming of course that they live in such), then T/S Harvey. Although Harvey was not really much of anything. We've gotten more rain and wind out of just an afternoon thunderstorm. Of course, if we'd been closer to Harvey, it would have been strong enough.

Anyway, life is back to normal. After working up a sweat getting everything put away for the next storm, it's off to the shower and then pooltime! Yea!

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